You don’t have the time to self publish?

Advantages to Using a Blog to Publish Your Novel – Part Two

There is an amazing advantage for novel writers who publish their work using a blog. Yet many people who publish their novels online are missing out on this.

Advantages to Using a Blog to Publish Your Novel – Part One

When most people publish their novel online the set up a basic site, place their chapters onto it and leave it be. Sadly, this will not help you much with rankings in search engines.

Benefits of Creating an E-Book

You know… an easy way to turn your knowledge into possible income is to create a booklet or e-book. And, with an e-book, if you use sources such as and, it won’t cost a penny. It’s as easy as putting the pieces of a puzzle together.

Self Publishing – Is it For You?

Contrary to popular belief, publishing a book involves many complex phases. Proof reading to correct grammatical mistakes, editing the sentence structure, typing the entire book into a printable format – all these have to be done in order to get your book published.

Upcoming Book Signing With Author and Publisher

One of the thrills we experienced in recent years was seeing first hand exactly how many fans and new customers an author could draw to a show. The book signing was a real attraction element to boost sales and exposure for the author and publisher.

Public Speaking Success – Publishing Your Expertise Through Newsletters

In your quest as a Public Speaker, it is important to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Newsletters are an excellent way to do this and keep your name in front of as many people as possible.

How to Get Published in a Magazine to Boost Your Career

When you get published, you actually have a bit of reference to draw an employer to. More and more professionals nowadays recognize its credibility. When someone’s article comes up in a magazine that will give them a career boost that like they never expected.

Good and Bad of Self Publishing

Traditional book publishing companies are in more trouble today than ever making it even more difficult for the first time author to convince a publisher to publish his manuscript. Luckily, the self publishing field is wide open with many options for the newcomer.

A List of Hot Selling Genres to Start Off in Self-Publishing

Most writers dream of having their books published. We write something to express our thoughts, feelings, insights, and opinions.

Are You a Good Candidate? People Who Should Self-Publish Today

Book publishing companies, especially ones who have been in the business for a number of years, have a definitive list of qualities they look for in potential authors. As a publisher, I can usually tell within our first conversation the authors who intuitively have all the right tools for publishing success, as well as the ones who may be better suited for other avenues of self-publishing. I’ve found four questions to be particularly helpful in determining if you are someone who should be publishing a book:

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