Worried people will laugh at your book?

Self-Publishing Basics – Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes & Look Unprofessional

You’ve worked for months to research and write your book. You know that to get a reviewer’s attention or to get noticed by book buyers and editorial writers your book has to look professional. But all too often, in learning how to publish a book the many details of book design and layout can get lost in the rush.

Different Types of Book Binding

Once you have decided that you would like to get a book bound, you need to figure out which book binding technique you want to be used. This will depend in part on the type of book you would like made and the amount of money you would like to spend. Some types of books need a binding that will allow them to…

Will ‘Any Deal Do’ For Your Book?

Some aspiring authors feel that ‘any deal will do’ when it comes to finding an agent or publisher for their book. But if the offer is based on substantial changes being made to the plot, characters or emphasis of content, warning bells should ring before any final decisions are made.

Be Open to Finding the Right Publishing Option For Your Book

Most writers dream of finding an agent and publisher to take their book on but once an understanding emerges of what is actually required to be successful as a commercially published author, thoughts and feelings can shift dramatically. Why is it important to keep an open mind regarding the right way forwards for you and your book?

Why Self Publish Your Book

The story of how one guy on a laptop made over $1200 from just a simple 28 page self published eBook. And the greatest self publishing secrets he learned upon the way.

When Self-Publishing Makes the Most Sense For an Author

When does it make the most sense for an author to choose the self-publishing route? This article will help you think through when self-publishing makes the most sense for an author.

Useful Tips to Self-Publish Your Book

Finally you have done it! You completed your first book. Whether your book is fiction or fact you are going to want to publish it, and perhaps if this is your first time around you are stuck wondering, what next?

How to Convert Your Blog to a Book

Converting your blog to a book is a straight forward process. With the help of a good editor, your blog can become a good book that you can self publish.

Book Proposals – Seven Elements Necessary For Success!

Write a good book proposal and your task to produce a good book is well under way. Like any other creative endeavor, the ground work is crucial and makes the ultimate task – writing, embroidery, project management – easier. In the case of writing, a book proposal reduces the task to do-able chunks. So let’s get down to the spade work.

Book Proposals – What Can Yours Do For You?

Writing a successful book proposal is the real trick. Publishers have no reason to publish your book. But this is how you persuade them that they have.

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