Why your first chapter sucks

Is Self Publishing The Right Choice For You?

When no publishing service is willing to take chances on you, you could choose to publish your book by yourself. Get ready to take care of almost everything, from writing, to editing, to publishing, and marketing.

How to Publish a Book – 7 Steps to Working With A Cover Designer

Your cover conveys the first impression of your book. So the cover design is not a do-it-yourself project. Work with a professional cover designer. Here is what is required.

Promote and Sell Your Book Online – 10 Steps to a Free Book Widget

A book widget is a must-have for your author web site and blog. It’s a compact and convenient visual that will attract viewers to explore and buy your book.

Advantage of Writing and Publishing Online

A wonderful tactic that some individuals take advantage of is writing and publishing online. Not only will you be able to provide a great value to readers with this tactic, you will also have the opportunity to display your skills and knowledge in a cheap, fast and easy way. Steps one and two, which is finding a subject and doing proper research, are done.

The Truth About Vanity Publishing

Many authors are choosing to publish their masterpieces on their own terms using vanity or subsidy publishers, otherwise known as “paid-for publishing”, “self-publishers” and “self-publishing companies”. While these establishments do have their uses, for example for specialty, limited-release books, or private books including poetry and memoirs, there are quite a few drawbacks to their use.

Learn How to Get a Book Published

Getting a book published is the dream of many would be authors around the world. There are a few different ways to get a book published, but the main thing to know is you need to follow certain steps to give yourself the best chance to see your dreams come true. You can self publish your book now easier and cheaper than ever before, but what I am going to cover here is a simple step-by-step method to get published by a traditional book publishing house. The first thing you need to do is get a few things published in order to show that you can write well enough for a book publisher to consider your work.

Publish Your Book

If you have tried to get a traditional publisher to publish your book and haven’t had any luck, you may want to consider publishing it yourself. In the past this option was very expensive and time consuming. But now you can quickly and inexpensively publish your own book. Here is a quick look at how to do this yourself.

How To Succeed Financially With The New Self-Publishing

Today’s economy is sometimes upside down, and a lot of the writers decide to begin in self publishing their book. Most of the authors publish their own book because of not being satisfied in their selected conventional publisher.

A Few Things To Help You Publish Your Children’s Book

The first step in getting a children’s book published is to write a great book. You will want to write a children’s book that kids can’t wait to read or a book that kids don’t want to put down.

How To Get Your New Book Published Quickly

The Writer’s Market books, other similar printed resources, and the internet can help you examine publishers. Be sure to read all information that is provided to you. This will prevent you from making many common mistakes. For example, some publishers only allow you to submit one book manuscript to them at a time or submitting your manuscript to multiple publishers at the same time may be advised against.

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