What is the cost to self publish a book on Amazon?

Choosing Your Book Format: Hardcover or Paperback

Whenever a book is published, the author has to decide whether to print a hard cover, a paperback, or both, and in recent years, a hybrid version-the French flaps cover-has appeared. Deciding which cover to use depends on an author’s budget, the type of book, and the book’s audience.

My Completely Unscientific, Un-Researched, Totally Bias Opinion on How to Price Your EBook

Lately, I’ve been reading about the pros and cons of eBooks, specifically pricing. As entertaining as it’s been to read the thinly veiled panic in some bloggers tone, I have to say this is a topic that many authors worry about. Since I’m an avid reader and author I always weighed the pros and cons of different pricing from both points-of-view (I’m a Libra- that’s how we roll) As an avid reader, I buy eBooks on a whim.

How to Improve a Newspaper Design in Four Easy Steps

Do you ever wonder why there are some newspapers that are really popular and have a wide readership? Then, try to take a look at their design. Remember, the first thing that people get to see in a newspaper is its layout.

Self-Publishing Lets Everyone Be a Journalist or Author

The Web has made it much easier for average people like you and me to self-publish whatever we wish to. There is a place for anything and everything that we wish to share with others. Today, anyone can be a journalist, writer and subject matter expert.

Tried Everything But Getting Nowhere? Try My Tips on Self-Publishing

Have you trod the mainstream publishing route and got nowhere? If so, I empathise with you because I’ve been down that road myself. Luckily I have found alternative ways to traditional publishing that really do work. Read this article for inspiration and don’t give up!

Does Your Book Need A Trademark?

A trademark or service mark is a way to establish that you own a brand. Trademarks can be a phrase, logo, words, name or any combination that identifies you as the owner of some goods or merchandise…

10 Vital Methods to Publishing a Book Like a Pro

Novice authors are quite interested in publishing a book to exhibit their writing skills and earn money as well. This undertaking is usually seen as something for the elite or the lucky writer; however it does not mean getting your book into print is unattainable. In fact, there are many ways to achieve a successful career in book publishing.

The Secrets of Book Publishing Everyone Needs to Know!

Getting your book published is easier now than ever before. This article, by an author and professional ghostwriter, who has worked with many publishing houses, discusses the three methods you can use to see your dream of writing a book become a reality.

The Dynamics Of Self Publishing – Part One

For many writers the dream is to be able to get their message across to their readers without the bother or cost of editors and publishers. Being able to write without restrictions is a great concept for any author, many find the thought quite liberating and it is a stimulating notion in the dynamics of self publishing.

The Truth About Publishing A Novel

There are significant barriers to publication that often seem impossible to overcome. The good news, however, is that technology has leveled the playing field, giving previously unpublished authors the opportunity to reach a large base of readers.

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