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Get Published by Avoiding Common Mistakes

More people than ever are spending a lot of time writing books, but the sad truth is, most of this mountain of work will never see the light of day. You must keep at it! Try these hints and tips to help you on your way.

Create Your Author Platform to Hook a Literary Agent Or Publisher and Land a Book Contract

Unpublished and hungry for a book contract? Present yourself to literary agents and book publishers so as to stick in their minds. So that they will tell you, “Send me your manuscript. I want to read it.”

Self-Publishing a Novel? What you Absolutely Need to Put on the Last Page

You have been working hard on your self-published novel and soon your dream will come true -It will be printed. Or maybe you have already published a novel and are working on your next one. Don’t skip this very important step.

The Publishing Business

If you love books, then we probably share the same fascination with publishing. I’ve always wondered how an idea ends up as a book and how the author and the publishing house make money from the book’s publication.

Five Ways to Publish your Book

Writing your book is the easy part. The hard part begins when you attempt to publish it. Find five ways to get the job done.

How to Write and Publish Your Own Book

An informative article about writing your first book and self publishing and marketing your book. This article also covers the dangers of self publishing.

Writing A Book To Be Published

Have you always wanted to write a book? Read here for more information.

Ten Dos and Don’ts For Publishing Success

When submitting to and editor or an agent you want your work to be as clean as possible. Use these 10 tips to help guide you when submitting to publishers.

Getting Published: Publishing Tips and Advice

It appears that today everyone is a writer, and we all have the same dream. We all hope to someday be published. So as writers, where do we get started?

Writers – Don’t Compare Your Beginning Draft To a Published Work by the Rate

There is an abyss separating drafts from published work. For experienced writers, it might be no larger than a chink that can be stepped over, in which case the rate will be higher. But, beginning writers often have a canyon to cross.

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