What is The Best Ghostwriting Company for Self-Publishing? How to Outsource Your Books Cheap

Lessons From The Traditional-Publishing Model-Timing

In the past, I’ve talked about focusing on the book, honing in on the genre, and now for the third thing to take from Traditional-publishing’s successes: Timing. Here I’m not talking about all the time involved waiting on agents’ and editors’ responses to submissions.

What Is Partnership Publishing?

What is partnership publishing and why is it the best option for today’s authors? Partnership publishing is best described as a hybrid between traditional and self-publishing. Many authors are turning their backs on the hoop-jumping processes of traditional publishing and are embracing the collaborative process of partnership publishing.

Vanity Publishing and Self-Publishing – What’s the Difference?

Has vanity publishing simply become known as self-publishing? This article explains the difference between the two.

Would You Like to Create Best Selling Books? Discover the Great Steps to Stardom Now

Are you planning to release a new book and you want it to make a great impact on the market? Here, you would discover certain steps you can follow to rank your literary masterpiece among best selling books in your niche.

The Art and Science of Book Promotion – To Delegate or Not to Delegate

In this article, will talk about the ins and outs, dos and don’ts, etc. of task delegation in the business of book promotion. Backward glance – I introduced to you the concept of handling your book promotion project like a small business in its start-up stage. We also got down to the basics of one of the important tools in the small business start-up process-capitalization. In this article, we will delve into the second tool-delegation-through which you will learn whether, when, what, why, and how to delegate particular tasks in book promotion.

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