What are best places to self publish?

AZW Conversion Services for the Amazon Kindle EBook Reader

Kindle eBooks sold on Amazon are in the AZW file format. In this article, you will learn about AZW conversion services that can be used to publish eBooks on Amazon.com. These eBooks can be read on Amazon Kindle reading devices.

From Vellum to Videobooks: A Brief History of the Written Word

In 1452 there was only one book on the market: The Bible. It was the only book in print. It required the vellum skinned from 250 to 300 sheep to produce a single copy of one of Gutenberg’s Bibles.

Cost Of Publishing a Book – Evaluating the Costs Associated With Book Publishing

Many aspiring authors don’t understand the real cost of publishing a book. Most people think you can just write your book, get someone to edit the book for a few dollars, and get it published through a self-publishing company.

An Interview With Bestselling Paranormal Romance Novelist HP Mallory

After finishing her first paranormal romance, “Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble,” HP Mallory landed her dream agent who shopped her manuscript around New York. However, after 2-3 months of rejections from publishing houses, her literary agent-like many these days-mysteriously disappeared. Deflated, HP gave up.

Ebook Conversion Services – Finding the Best Ebook Conversion Company

There are a number of technical steps involved in publishing an eBook. As a result, many authors and publishers seek the services of an specialized eBook conversion company to help them through the process. This article will help you to find the right eBook publishing company.

A Query Letter? What Can and Should It Be? How to Contact a Publisher, and Other Thoughts on Query

Is a query letter important? What should it contain? What good is a query?

Advantages of Self-Publishing

For the unknown author, the advantages of self-publishing are significant in time and money savings. The barriers of publishing are diminished with the ease of the self-publishing option.

Ghostwriting: Bridging the Gap Between Author and Audience

Some people are storytellers, but they just aren’t writers. They have experiences to share, knowledge to impart. But there is a gap between them and a broader audience of readers. It’s the ghostwriter’s job to bridge that gap. When the book is just in your head, readers can’t get at it. Sometimes you can’t even really access it fully. Ideas flit around, images appear and disappear in the imagination. It’s only when you start to see your story take shape on paper (or screen), that you can really gain a clear perspective.

The Publishing Con

Who controls what gets published? What gets published, who and why? The construct of ‘author’.

Book Publishing Packages With A Sting In The Tail

Mainstream publishers, the route all writers should target initially, operate without disclosing their internal costs – and why should they? They take commercial risks, and when the gamble pays off, they do well. Care, of course has to be exercised when contracting with such companies, but invariably, they will be paying you for the privilege of being their client. Beware of so-called literary agents and book publishers who ask you to dip into your own pocket. Be published, or self-publish; don’t fall into the chasm between these two stools and lose your rights and your money.

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