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The Secret Hidden Revenue From Print-On-Demand Publishing

In this article you will learn the different types of publishing being offered in today’s book market. You will also learn the hidden secrets that Print-on-Demand companies don’t want you to know about.

A Complete Guide to Canvas Printing

Canvas prints are the hottest selling items all over the world right now! Here is an elucidating article, which speaks all about canvas printing and a complete guide to it.

Write and Publish Like a Boss

Writing a book isn’t easy and shouldn’t be something an author rushes through, no matter what pop publishing culture tells us. What goes on paper is a result of tireless effort.

Business card basics: Who are you?

How important is your business card to your current and future success? After a networking meeting, seminar, or conference a business card may be all your contacts have to remember you by. Your card represents you! Does it have the quality of craftsmanship, artistry, and basic business information needed so people remember you in a positive light? Does your business card have your picture on it? Your business card may be one of the biggest factors determining your current and future success. Read this article for eight solid tips on creating an effective business card.

Writing A Synopsis For Your Book Or Novel

What Issues Should You Be Aware Of When Writing A Synopsis Taglines, Blurbs or Synopsis – Which Is It? Taglines and loglines are very brief descriptions designed to incite interest in the story, such as what you might see on a movie poster or a book front cover.

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