Top 6 Mistakes People Make Self Publishing a Book!

Tips to Choose the Best ePub Conversion Services

ePub conversion service is gaining popularity among authors, freelance writers and hard copy publishers to meet the increasing demands of e-readers. Efficient e-pub conversion service providers can take care of printed books as well as ebooks.

Amazon Kindle Self-Publishing: Publishing Your First Amazon Kindle E-Book

Amazon Kindle is the newest trend in online sales, and everybody’s doing it… Why aren’t you? Maybe you’ve become distracted or just detoured by what you feel to be a lack of “technical know-how”, but rest assured, anyone can publish their own e-book through Kindle self-publishing by simply writing their e-book, creating a cover image, and choosing a royalty option. It’s just that easy. Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

Make Money Writing Children’s Books

If you possess a flair for writing, you can make easy money by penning children’s books. Every family with children is constantly on the lookout for new books to use in teaching their children. Do not rush to the conclusion that books meant for children must be filled with stories. Any topic that generates interest in the mind of a child can be the focus of your book. This can range from religion to science to any field that you feel most comfortable or passionate writing about.

Seven Deadly Sins of Self-Publishing

The publishing industry is a dangerous place. I read an article the other day that stated the overwhelming majority of self-published authors don’t even sell 500 copies of their titles.

Online and Interactive Forms and Questionnaires

Traditional printed forms are expensive to produce, costly to process, and can easily frustrate the people who have to fill them in. This article covers some of the key issues and opportunities in designing and developing online forms.

Include Proofreading in Your Book Production Journey

Proofreading is one of the most underestimated stages in the production process, but it is absolutely necessary in the creation of a professionally composed book. Here are some simple things you can do during the proofreading phase to assure that your book looks its best prior to presentation.

I Have Become A Tweeter

I have already been surprised by how much and how many others are involved in twitter that are into the publishing profession. It is a good feeling, as small as it is, to find another way to feel connected with the world of publishing.

Self-Publish Write Now!

If you are an aspiring writer then chances are several literary agents and publishers have already rejected you numerous times. If you are like most aspiring writers then you are probably getting tired of seeing that same old “not interested” letter in the mail. So how can a writer be published when all else fails?

Online Publishing for First-Time Authors – How to Publish Your Book Online

So is getting a book published easier these days? Yes and no! Conventional, hardcopy publishing is still much like climbing a greased flag pole for the first-time author.

Why I Went With Traditional Publishing

The publishing world is cutthroat, ever-changing, and merciless. An author who has finished a work and wants to get it published faces one major decision – indie (independent) or traditional (with a publishing house). Each have their advantages – and each their drawbacks. Here’s why I went traditional.

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