These 5 kindle direct publishing keywords are insanely profitable for 2021 and beyond

Publishing – Ideas For Designing Your Book Cover

It can be argued that the most important element in you book’s marketing is the cover. Certainly, it’s the element that makes you reader pick up your book in the first place. You can’t underestimate the value of your book’s cover. In this article you’ll discover five ideas for the design of your cover.

Get Published! How to Conduct a Market Survey in 20 Minutes or Less

An up-to-date market survey is a must for a publishing house to consider offering you a contract. It can seem overwhelming to a first-time author to know how to conduct a market survey. This article gives you three simple steps to gather all of the information needed for a summary of the market.

Get Published – How to Avoid Shooting Yourself in the Foot

Editors of self-help book publishing houses are competing with each other to find new authors prepared to write bestsellers. They may be looking for you! But too often, aspiring authors present themselves as amateurs in a highly competitive and professional industry. Learn how to put your best foot forward… and make sure it has no bullet holes in it when you do.

How To Publish Your Own Book: Tips For Self Publishers

How to become a self publisher. How to write, design, print, distribute and market your own book on a shoestring budget.

Standard Proofreading – Three Skills Every Proofreader Must Have

Contrary to popular belief, proofreading is not a dark art and, in reality, it is not at all hard to learn how to proofread. However, in order to be an effective English proofreader, you need to have an advanced knowledge and understanding of the English language and need to be adept at identifying and correcting English mistakes. If you feel that you have these hard skills, then there are a number of soft skills that you also need to apply.

CreateSpace: Unlocking the Door to Publication

The process of finding a publisher is tedious and time-consuming, not to mention frustrating. Now, thanks to CreateSpace, that is an issue I no longer have to deal with. If you’re a writer and tired of looking for a publisher, I highly recommend CreateSpace.

Nine Reasons to Pay A Pro Editor to Review Documents for Publication

The five statements that follow point out how spell-check, grammar-check, and style-check tools fail to catch some errors in spelling, grammar, and style. It is possible that the word-processing program you use catches one or more of the errors mentioned here. Even so, the five statements and examples given reveal how software developers cannot replace the expertise of a pro editor.

Ideas for Creating Self-Published Gifts

Are you looking for a unique present to give to families and friends? Self publishing may be the answer to your quest. Turn your writings and other ideas into a quality book for gift-giving ideas.

How to Create a Newsletter Using Microsoft Word 2007

Not sure how to set up and create a newsletter in Microsoft Word 2007? This step-by-step tutorial walks you through the basics of how to create a newsletter using the Microsoft Word 2007 templates that are available to you.

Simple Steps To Creating A Winning Book Proposal

It can be difficult to get a book published. Publishers are looking for ideas that are new and fresh. Readers don’t want to read the same thing, and publishers know this.

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