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Don’t Price Your Kindle Book Too High

There are some wonderful books available in both paperback and e-book formats and, thanks to online retail sites, it has never been easier to choose a book and be reading it about a minute later. E-books are available immediately, easy to transport and they save trees. One of the biggest considerations for readers when making a purchase, is that e-books are affordable and usually a fraction of the price of paperback versions.

Why Should You Write Online?

Writing online is a huge hit nowadays & it is a very appealing way to earn money from home. It is a great way to improve your writing skills as well as be recognized for your work. It can teach you how to meet deadlines as well as be humble about your work. Apart from that, writing online saves time, money and energy. It spares one from the trouble of commuting from home to your work place through horrible traffic and the pressure of working under deadlines.

Strategies To Position Yourself As An Expert, Create Wealth And Fame Through Book Writing

There are many schools of thought on how one should approach the issue of book writing. Should you write a book after you have achieved fame or write a book to achieve fame? I believe it’s an egg and chicken story. I strongly believe any person who has a story to tell should write a book to bring his or her story alive. Fame is secondary but it may as well follow if you pursue the right strategies before, during and after your book is published.

The Writer As A Marketer

Should aspiring or professional writers see themselves as marketers? This is a personal question that you alone should answer, not me. I am sure you can mention a thousand and one reason people aspire to write.

Self-Publishing Means Self-Marketing

There are many advantages to self-publishing, but nobody should make the mistake of thinking that it’s easy. Sometimes the writing and the publishing are the easy parts. When that is done the challenge is to put your work into the shop window, where others can see it. With over a million titles on the market, you are up against some stiff competition.

eBook Marketing Strategy: How to Turn Your Blog Into an eBook

You’ve got all that crazy content on your blog and it’s just sitting there… On those back pages doing nothing. Of course you link backwards to your earlier blog posts, but what if your blog crashes? It can happen? Why not write a book?

How to Protect Your E-Books From Piracy

Did you know that approximately 22.5 percent of all book sales are made up of E-books? Those book sales bring in a whopping 8 billion dollars in total sales. However illegal downloads make up a disturbingly significant portion of the 25 percent of E-books that are not purchased. Estimates are that well over 2 billion dollars in potential book sales revenue will be lost in the current year due to piracy and other forms of content infringement.

Why Self-Publish Your Book?

Self-publishing is one of the best options for aspiring authors. eBooks especially cost almost nothing to produce and are far easier to publish than many people believe. This article presents four fabulous reasons why self-publishing deserves serious consideration by every prospective author.

5 Essential Content Marketing Goals for Self-Published Authors

Content marketing is important to develop and grow your business as a self-published author, but how do you excatly develop a winning strategy that will let you build a booming business? Here are five essential marketing goals for sel f-published authors.

3 Rules For Earning Money As a Self Published Author

Being a self published author is not only easy but can, if done correctly, be profitable too. But you need to do it correctly if you want to do it successfully. And as soon as you publish your first book it will be easy to do it again for all your other books. And now I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do.

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