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Publish EBook Tips and Tricks to Save Thousands and Maintain Control of Your Book

The ease with which you can publish eBook is a great opportunity for those who are planning to work from home. To get you started, here are some tips on how to accomplish this.

How to Publish EBooks – Guide to Leaning the Secrets to One of the Simpler Online Business Models

How to publish eBooks is a lot easier than conventional publishing. Aside from your manuscript, all you need is a little internet savvy. Then you can publish, market and distribute your own eBooks. If you are new in the industry, this is your ultimate guide to getting the essential software necessary in publishing eBooks.

Self-Publishing eBooks Advantages, Guide, and Tips

Self-publishing ebooks is the easiest way for people to break into the home-based internet marketing game. Anyone can do it with the proper direction and guidance, and I should know because if I can do it you can. Continue reading to see more advantages of why internet marketers love this business model.

Profit From the Leap – Self Publisher to Business Publisher

“Should I find a publisher or should I self-publish?” When you’re debating your options, discover the one that gives you the most power.

How to Make a School Yearbook

Before starting to organize your yearbook, you will want to think about designing and printing. You can find plenty of yearbook software on the market, but you’ll want to make sure the yearbook software you use is compatible with your publisher and easy and enjoyable for you to use. When choosing a publisher, remember that the latest submission date a publisher offers allows you to include the greatest part of your school year.

Self Publishing Your Book? Five Reasons Why You Need a Good Copy Editor

Aspiring authors often have a difficult time getting established publishing companies to look at their manuscripts, which is why many choose to self-publish. The problem is that in the interest of saving money, many self-publishers eliminate a key element from the publishing process – skilled copy editing. That is why there are thousands of poorly-written self-published books on the market, and one of the reasons the literary world has traditionally looked down on self-publishing.

An Interview With a Children’s Book Publisher

Don, the publisher of ‘We Both Read,’ a children’s book series was kind enough to share a bit of information on starting a publishing company. He also gave insight on how parents can get their children interested in reading more.

Get Published – 5 Tips to Take You From Anxious Amateur to Published Pro

Are you looking for ways to become a published author? The bridge from unpublished beginner to published professional starts with a few simple steps that can open up a new world of money-making opportunities and kick start your writing career. These five tips can help you make that transition.

Genre Novels – Word Count Rules, Subgenres, and Guidelines For Getting Your Book Published

How long is a book? How long should a book be? What genre is your book or novel? Are you sure you are marketing your novel correctly?

Seven Mistakes That Will Get Your Novel Rejected

Most new novelists make serious mistakes when they attempt to write fiction. The most common mistakes are in the use of dialogue, back story, description and presentation of characters. The seven mistakes covered in this article will cause immediate rejection by agents and publishers. Learn how to avoid them before you submit your work.

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