The BEST Way to Start Kindle Publishing if You Don’t Have A Lot of Money

How Do You Get Published?

If you’re a beginning writer, you may wonder if you’ll ever get published. But it isn’t difficult to make this happen. Just try one of these methods and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a published writer.

Top 10 Editing Tips for Your Final Draft

You’ve read all the great editing books, went through the manuscript at least a dozen times, fixed the largest gaping plot holes and checked your grammar (manually). The beta readers have even given their blessing. Think your epic novel is finally ready? Before you hit the send button, check out these ten pointers to ensure your novel is really ready for publication.

Don’t Expect A Publisher To Edit Your Work

Have you ever read an article or book that really should have been edited, and wasn’t? Even professionally published books may lack quality editing at times. The reasons are discussed in this article.

7 Avantages of Self-Publishing Your Book

If you are looking into self publishing then this post might be just the thing to help you decide if it is the right decision for you. It is becoming a very popular way to get your writings out there. The internet is growing all the time and with that there are more opportunities open to us. In this article you will find some basic self publishing benefits

Why I’m an Independent Author

Whenever I meet someone new, the social contract kicks in and someone inevitably asks, “So, what do you do for a living?” Or some equally trite equivalent.

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