Susie Moore Interview: How To Sell Thousands Of Copies Of Your Book Using Guest Posting & Media

Polish Your Book Pitch

So you’ve developed your nonfiction book idea into a winning proposal and now you’re ready to send off your pitch to a literary agent and land a book deal! Before you press ‘send’ or drop your query letter in the mailbox, here are a few tips to ensure your initial sales pitch will grab the agent’s attention and motivate him or her to ask for the complete book proposal.

E-Books Are Sadly Overtaking Hard Copy Books

There’s something special about a book. It tends to fit nicely in one’s hands. It’s also a lot more convenient, I find. It’s easier to flip back a page, you can read it anywhere you want (have you ever tried reading something on a computer screen lying down?) and you don’t have to load up your computer every time you want to read it. There’s no beauty in e-books like there is in hard copy books.

Newsletter Publishing

It has never been easier to produce and deliver newsletters because they are apt to get people’s attention than most forms of direct mail. The difference between a newsletter and a magazine is that a newsletter is usually considered to be a publication not available on newsstands that is one to eight pages in length in an 8.5″ x 11″ format.

The Right Content Of Your Novel Contract

You will get to know that the publisher of your novel can have some rights in the contract if the book becomes a movie in the long run. It’s never a good choice to opt for agreements that give the publisher of your novel some rights and privileges to earn some money when the novel has been taken by the cinema or televisions companies. This is because they will yield a lot of profits as the sales of the novel increase day by day.

Publishing Company That Handles Everything

It’s a whole new ballgame when it comes to getting your book through publishing. But you don’t have to do the work with the help of good publishers.

Finding a Publishing Company That Cares

There are many publishing companies in the world today but you’ll find only a few publishers who really care. Work with experts who care and succeed with getting published.

Putting Your Book in the Hands of an Able Publisher Even If You Don’t Know Anything About Publishing

Many great writers don’t know anything about publishing. This might be the biggest obstacle in a writer’s life. Overcome this challenge by working with the right publisher.

The Publisher Who Will Make Things Happen

There are a lot of things you have to deal with to get a publisher to start publishing your book. Forgo all these hassles when you go to the right publisher.

Publishing: Making All the Right Moves

It’s easy to take the wrong step when you want your book published. Do everything right with the help of publishers from a publishing company that knows what’s important to you.

Making Publishing Easy

When you’re finished writing your book, you have to set out on a difficult task of finding the right publishers and the right publishing company. Get it right the first time with a company that would take out the hassles of publishing your book.

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