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eBooks Or Paperbacks – The Author’s Dilemma

If you are a writer that has either written or considered writing a book then you know there are a couple of options on the table for book publishing. A digitally born (digitally published) book gives authors more comprehensive rights to their work in the present and in the future.

How to Release the Power of Deep Content to Make a Great Headline

This is my second tips article for newbies on writing great headlines for copy. It tells about the deeper marketing concepts you can use to draft and hone headlines that deliver sales to your mailbox. We buy products because of the image we have of what the product will do for us.

Publishing Your Non-Fiction Book

You’ve written your brilliant non-fiction book and now want everyone to read it, so what can you do to get it published? If you are willing to do a lot of work yourself then you may opt to self-publish. When you self publish you must be prepared to spend some money yourself and the outlay may be high, but income from selling the books can be high too if you can sell lots.

Write a Book – What Makes You an Authority?

Webster defines authority as: power to influence or command thought, opinion, or behavior. Why is this? Because most of us are taught from an early age to respect and obey authority.

Should I Publish My Book With a Print on Demand Publisher Or Not?

This is a very sensitive subject to me because I have published with a print on demand publisher. There are some serious pitfalls to publishing with a Print on demand publisher (P.O.D.) and I think everyone needs to know about them before publishing.

The Nuts-N-Bolts of a Quality Query

It’s finally time to actually write your query! You’ve got your manuscript at the appropriate stage depending on what you’re writing; you’ve got your proposal pretty much ready to fire off at the first nod from a queried professional; and you’ve made your address list according to your specifications and needs. It’s time!

So You Want to Self-Publish?

Often, after many rejection slips, a frustrated author will look at the option of self-publishing their masterpiece. This can be just as frustrating as well as financially draining. Just because you think your book is brilliant and thousands will want to read it doesn’t mean that a book reseller will want it on the shelves even if you do publish it yourself.

Discover the Secret of Writing Great Headlines by Reading About Earthquakes

Make a great start on your sales page with the right headline and they’ll keep reading to the end. If they read to the end, they’ll more likely buy.

How Do I Publish My Book?

You’re totally confused about publishing. Some say you must hogtie a literary agent. Others say to tackle the whole publishing job yourself. Then there are those scary print-on-demand publishers. Who do you turn to?

Beware the Self Publish Bookieman

I recently read an article about the “perils” of self publishing and the “delusions” of people who want to self publish books. The argument basically being that not everyone is a Mark Twain or John Grisham, and even if they were, those stories are made up – and they weren’t even real self publishers, they were fake self publishers – and what’s all this self publish book nonsense, anyway? – Why isn’t there enough attention being given to the BIG publisher???, and well, don’t ask me for help when you are brutally attacked by the Self Publish Bookieman.

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