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Creative Ministry Growth – Publish a Book to Spread Your Message

Most ministries are involved with edifying the lives and minds of the people to whom the ministry is to. Publishing a book that displays the message of your ministry is a smart, savvy, and powerful way to reach your audience.

Getting a Book Published…Your Way

This article is about getting a book published the easy way. Follow your dreams and start preparing your writing for the world to see. It’s easier than you think.

The Case for Self Publishing Fiction

How Self-publishing fiction can be as profitable as self-publishing non fiction or self-help books.

Follow The Advice of a Successful Self-Published Author

Why one successful self-published author said NO to traditional publishing and YES to self-publishing. While most authors rightly look first to traditional publishing, this author has had plenty of success self-publishing his children’s books.

How I Got My First Novel to Print

When I wrote my first novel, I was elated. It was in 1997, and I wrote it in under four months. I had always dreamed of writing a novel but always seemed to find excuses not to sit down and just write it. After a life-altering event, I re-evaluated my life and what I wanted to accomplish.

Why Self-Publish?

You have written a book. Now you want to publish it. Which way do you go? Self-Publishing or Traditional Publishing?

How To Get Ahead In The World Of Publishing

It’s fun to share what you learn with others and you never know where your next customer is coming from. Here are some of my favorite business/publishing techniques I have learned so far… use them and you will “get ahead” too!

7 Tips For Your Writing And Publishing Success

Is your dream to become a published writer? Learn how to make your dream a reality with these valuable tips from a writing and publishing expert.

To Be or Not To Be-Self-Published

I’ve heard a lot about what writers have to say about the publishing process–and many are disappointed. Usually it’s because they had certain expectations that were not met. Whether they knew it or not, there was no way those expectations were going to be met because of the way they chose to have their books published. The way to avoid such disappointment is to be clear about what you want and to make sure you’re pursuing an avenue, whether it be self-publishing or traditional publishing, that will get those needs met.

10 Step To Publish Your Books

Learn how to publish your novel, poetry, memoir, how-to book, children’s books.

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