Self Publishing in South Africa – with Dani René (The Self Publishing Show, episode 244)

Writers No Longer Dependent On Traditional Book Publishers

Whilst traditional book publishers are largely taking fewer risks with new writers than ever, this is proving to be no obstacle to those who wish to get their work into the public domain. For a minimal sum, budding writers can see their books published and even marketed on their behalf. One of the main reasons that the conventional book publishers are remaining cautious is that there’s no real way of predicting whether gambles will pay off, with the general economic climate making them even more reluctant to invest in new talent.

How To Publish And Sell Your Own EBooks Online For Profit

Have you been wanting to write and publish your own ebook but don’t quite know how? Writing and publishing your own book is easy. Selling ebooks for profit is just as easy as writing and publishing an ebook.

Public Domain Search – Finding eBook Images Via Google

There are many sites online to perform public domain searches. I highly recommend utilizing Google due to many people’s familiarity with the search engine itself and the high amount of results that are available compared to lesser used sites.

Create eBook Cover Online – The How To Guide

How many times do you find yourself judging an eBook by its cover? If you are like most people who scan through ample webpages of online book retailers, such as the Kindle Store, then you indisputably said “yes”.

Things to Consider When Self-Publishing a Book

For scores of writers, the chance to sidestep the big publishing houses yet still get their work out to the right people via self-publishing has been of great value. If executed correctly, getting your work published in this way can be highly rewarding, and many authors have been able to make a living through their writing. It is important not be realistic and sensible when embarking upon such a project, but if you go into it with your eyes wide open, there’s no reason why your project shouldn’t be a success.

The Key Steps Involved In Publishing a Book

Self Publishing a Book Explained A modest budget does not have to be any obstacle to publishing a book, and many writers have seen their content printed, distributed and sold to the public even when funds have been limited. When self-publishing for the first time, it’s generally the case that a small number of copies will be printed, with sales and demand both determining how many copies are manufactured after this point. Self publishing companies in general are able to work with a variety of budgets and can even assist you in marketing your book.

The Truth About Ebooks That Publishers Don’t Want You To Know

Publishing books, even eBooks, used to be quite a long, laborious and difficult task. That’s why it used to be easier to leave book publishing up to the publishers while you got on with your writing. The recent changes to publishing eBooks are immense, but it’s something that the publishing companies don’t want you to know.

Self-Publishing: Is It For You?

Is self-publishing for you? Find out how hard (or easy) it is, and what’s involved in the process. It may surprise you.

Self-Publishing On Kindle – 4 Strategies For You To Profit Quickly And Easily

There are a number of different strategies that you can focus on in order to profit from your self-publishing on Kindle. The Kindle platform is excellent in that it makes it so simple for anyone to publish their own books – and then to start ensuring there’s a hungry crowd queuing up to buy your ebook. So here’s how you can quickly and easily get started:

Random House Opens Its Doors to Self-Publishers, But There’s a Hitch

The launch of Random House’s new digital imprints has been received with mixed feelings in the publishing world. While unpublished writers have expressed enthusiasm, writers’ organizations have soundly criticized the new imprints. A threat by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) to blacklist Random House’s new sci-fi digital imprint, Hydra, has prompted Random House to make changes in its contracts for digital imprints, Whether these changes result in improved contracts for new authors remains to be seen.

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