Self Publishing 2021: The ONE Change ALL Kindle Publishers MUST KNOW

How Self-Publishing Your Own Book Will Build Your Business in a Lagging Economy

Jordan McAuley, author of Contact Any Celebrity, reveals the secrets to his success in the booming information marketing industry. With little start-up and a lot drive, Jordan used his book to gain credibility and create opportunities for recurring revenue through his membership website. He and 11 other info-marketing entrepreneurs share their success stories in a new book.

Five Things You Should Do to Get Your First Article Published

A guide to writing and publishing your first five articles. Some very handy tips. 1. Buy a copy of whichever market guide is the most respected in your country.

Finding Romance Publishers

Romance publishers are companies which are dedicated to looking for good stories of romance. They look for stories that will make an impact in society. There are very many romance publishers all over the world. When you are looking for a publisher, you are probably a young or old writer who is looking for a break through in this regard. Writers or authors have a very close relationship with publishers.

The Writer’s Affirmation

All beginning writers dream of someday being published. It’s the ultimate affirmation that says, “My work is good; I was right to believe in it!” However, many good writers give up too soon.

Self-Publish Your Book and Achieve Worldwide Sales

You Can Self-Publish Your Book and Sell it Internationally Quickly and Easily Without Even Leaving Your Chair – No Matter Where You Live in the World. Imagine what it would be like if you wrote a book and it was selling in book stores all over the world and was listed on every online book store on the internet. How Great Would That Be? NOW imagine if you had several books selling worldwide in book stores and all over the internet? How Even Greater Would That Be?

Working Moms Find Dream Job in Book Publishing

I never expected that the life of a working mother would qualify me to write a cookbook. My career started in the aerospace industry and then took me to the fast-moving hi-tech start up world, with long and exciting days.

Self Publishing Vs Traditional

To Self Publish, or not! I say each to his own. It really depends on your own personality and experiences. It also depends on if you have if you already have a famous name, that will get you published faster than anything.

Publish a Novel – The Necessary Ingredients That Must Be Part of Your Novel

The words “publish” and “novel” have so much meaning to so many people. To write a novel is a lifelong dream for millions. To publish a book with one’s name on it…one’s gets chills just thinking about it.

Become a Published Author the Easy Way

There is an easy way to get your article published and it is called “Print On Demand.” This article shows you how to get your work published easily.

E-Marketing Ideas For Small Specialist Book Publishers

It is good having your books being sold by Amazon, Blackwell’s, ASDA and other small booksellers as a distribution channel. However success in business lies is the ability to get customers to buy from you (Robert Craven).

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