Relaxing 12 Minutes Creating a KDP No Content Book

How American Media Pop Culture and New Publishing Have Changed

2nd in a series of articles about the changing nature of publishing. How is publishing connected to American media pop culture, both in the past and in the new landscape. What new directions can publishers take?

Publishing Your Hard Work – Cross That Bridge When You Get There

Are you concerned about how you will get your hard work published before you’re even done writing your masterpiece? How can you build your confidence to keep putting forth effort towards your best work? Some questions should just be placed on the back burner.

3 Paths to Various Book Publishing Options

When you have finally come to the decision of publishing your own book, you will need to decide which path to follow. There are 3 common paths you can choose to follow and they are Traditional, Vanity, and Self- Publishing. Now lets look at the traditional path, we are all vaguely familiar with this path. We have seen the movies with an author moving for the summer to the country to work on a manuscript.

From Manuscript to Publication – How I Published My Book

Finally the day has come and you have a finished manuscript! You’re proud, and rightfully so. Now you want to see your work published but you’re not sure where to start. Well there’s copyrights, POD’s, ISBN’s, and so much more to consider. So, roll up your sleeves. The real work is about to begin.

To Publish a Book

How easy is it to get your masterpiece published. Surely it’s just a matter of submitting your work to a Publishing Company and them biting your arm off. Then you sit back and wait to hit that best sellers list.

So Publishers Have Rejected Your Book? It Can Still Be a Massive Bestseller!

Are agents and publishers always right? Can you make them eat their words? Other writers have proved them wrong – why not you?

Want to Be Published? Learn How to Write a Book Proposal

“I’m thinking about writing my autobiography,” a friend said. “Which publisher should I contact?” Like many would-be writers, he thought he could write a book, send it to a publisher, and receive his “rich and famous” contract. This has never been true and is definitely not true in this economy.

All the President’s Men – Where Will the Next Woodward and Bernstein Be Found?

What will the death of the newspapers mean to journalism? Where will the next Woodward and Bernstein be found?

Children’s Book Publishers – How to Wow Them With a Perfect Query Letter

In a perfect world, you’d be able to pitch your manuscript to an editor over a leisurely cup of coffee. But we’re forced to inhabit the real world, where you’ve got about 10 seconds to hook an editor before she decides to continue reading or reach for her form rejection slip. And more and more, this “hook” must come in the form of a query letter.

Printing and Publishing Children’s Books – Counting the Costs

If you are seeking to self-publish a book–especially a book with color pages–you have to count the cost to see if you are going to make any money in the end. This article shows you the options available.

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