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Disadvantages of Self-Publishing

In the last year not only have sales of eBook readers like the Kindle and Nook exploded, but the number of book titles available to download into these devices has more than doubled. With major online retailers offering writers a means to self-publish works for sale, one can expect to see thousands more novels and works of non-fiction and poetry on virtual shelves. For the author frustrated by the traditional, agency publishing model, self-publishing offers the freedom of creative control and the opportunity to keep more revenue. Despite the recent successes of some authors, though, it’s important to note the challenges that self-publishing brings.

Online Best Seller Publishing: How to Start With It?

Writing has been a very profitable career these days. A lot of people get into different types of writing careers which can generate income for them. Some get into article writing, blogging, press release writing, copywriting or book writing.

Print Cheap and Efficient

The offices today demand machines which can deliver prompt results with quality and minimum expenditure. In such context, the perfect solution to the above requirement should be the Black & White Printing Machines & Bizhub Printer Seller which caters the needs of the growing demands of the offices in the global and ever-changing atmosphere. The machine is equally equipped for meeting the needs of a busy office.

Self-Publishing Or Outsourcing – Which Is Best For You and Your Budget?

This article details the key skills and expertise needed to self publish a book on free-to-publish sites including tasks such as cover design and page design. The range of skills needed, along with the knowledge and flair required to produce a quality product, is precisely why so many authors choose to pay for self publishing services – they recognize that they don’t have that range of skills and sensibly employ professionals who do have. Getting someone to self publish your book is like repairs to your air-conditioner or automobile – where you pay for services which you can’t do as well yourself.

Getting A Book Published – Steps To Being Published

Are you interested in writing books but don’t know where to begin or how to go about it? Would you like someone to take you through the whole process so that you can realise your dreams of becoming a successful author like so many others have already done? Follow these steps to being published, but beware – hard work ahead!

Tips on How to Promote Your Best Seller

Writing books can be so much fun especially if this is your passion. However, you cannot just write and keep your works in your computer.

Writing A Best Seller: Tips That Every Writer Should Know

So you are a newbie and writer and would like to make it to the mainstream. Everybody knows that it will take some time before one can actually be lined up with the more popular and highly successful writers around. It might even take years before your dreams ever become a reality.

How To Get Published on Amazon Kindle

Amazon’s Kindle device and e-bookstore has revolutionised publishing – and made it easy for you to publish alongside the pros. But success needs work and strategy – relying on chance just won’t cut it. Here’s what you need to know.

3 Steps To The Perfect Query

Misconceptions abound about what a real query should be. The agents and editors I know don’t want to be ‘wowed.’ Nor do they want to be bored to tears

Foreword Vs Preface Vs Introduction: A Guide for Self-Publishers

It is essential for a self-publisher to understand the differences between the foreword, preface, and introduction of a book. Each section plays a vital role in the critical and financial success of the book. Without these three sections, a non-fiction book is incomplete, and not giving the readers their money’s worth. Therefore, I have laid out some basic definitions of each section to help give new self-publishers a starting point before beginning their first book.

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