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When Writing a Book

The very first step a person needs to do when writing a book is for him to prepare his mind. Just as a band that prepares for a concert, you should also prepare your mind for this great task. You have to know writing a book takes a lot of time and is a long time process.

Creative Writers – How Much Could You Earn Self-Publishing

All creative writers find that the huge problem with going the Print on demand also known as the POD route is that it costs more to produce single copies of your book than it does to have them print a thousand copies of your book. You can buy your book, from CreateSpace for $5.70.

How to Find Publishers For Your First Book

The profession of writing has its own fascination among individuals; it is considered to be a very noble profession. There are many individuals or newbie writers who dream of becoming a published author. However, it’s really very difficult for newbie writers to find publishers for their work.

Is Publishing a Book Right For Me? A Run-Down For Authors Who Are New to the Publishing Industry

Increasingly more authors and professionals are taking the dive into publishing books. I have been witness to countless authors who have persevered to create titles that were both personally and economically rewarding. Whether it’s the devoted writer who’s been crafting her narrative for years, or the personal trainer wanting to publish a fitness guide for his own gym, the satisfaction of seeing one’s hard work in print is a lifetime accomplishment. Not to mention, a careful and effective distribution plan to sell a new book can net its author over $20,000 in the first year.

Composing Your Book Concept Summary

The Book Concept Summary is a concise, compelling text citing the central purpose of your book, the benefit(s) your target audience will derive from reading it, and why you are the one person most qualified to write it. Your book concept doesn’t have to be entirely original. It doesn’t matter if there are similar books in the marketplace.

Picking the Best Publishing Company

If you are a writer or an aspiring one, it is best that you know which company you should go to have your books published. It is true there are many publishing companies nowadays but would you risk your time and money? One bad decision in choosing the right publishing company and you will surely end up feeling frustrated and wasting your precious time and financial resources.

The Top Reasons Authors Worry When They Are Publishing a Book, and Why it is Completely Normal

First-time authors are especially at risk to worrying about getting the right deal. It is common for those new to the industry to become guarded when communicating with book publishing companies. Even as authors get their feet wet in the publishing industry, the process may still seem mystifying. In fact, worries while publishing and doubting your own book’s potential for success are completely normal.

Still in Search of the Magic Bullet

As a young African-American female who is an independent publisher, people often ask me where I found the guts to start a national magazine. Who in their right mind would take on such a task-a print magazine, no less-in this day and time? I always answer with a big smile and tell them that I have had a long-running love affair with magazines.

9 Questions to Ask Yourself About Self-Publishing

If you’re thinking about self-publishing for the first time, you can have a little “consulting call” with yourself. I’ve cooked down my talks with authors into nine questions that you can use to interview yourself. Try to answer as if you were sitting across the table from a publishing consultant who was eager to hear what you have to say.

Finding a Literary Agent to Help You Get Published

When a writer finishes writing book, his task is only partly done. If he wants anyone to read it, his next step is to get it published.

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