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10 Tips To Ensure Your Press Release Is Published

One of the best ways to inform your customers and potential customers about your business is by submitting press releases. The key to getting them published is grabbing the attention of the reporter. Follow the tips listed above and you’ll ensure your press release stays out of the trash can.

Writers – How To Be Published More Often

How writers can increase their chances of being published.

What’s Your Publishing IQ?

Most writers have only a vague idea of how a publishing company works. That knowledge can be very helpful to your career as a writer, however, and the sooner you understand how the process works, the better. These insights will give you a more realistic picture and a better appreciation of the other side of the desk.

How to Get Your Book Published

You’ve written a book. How do go about getting it published? Writing guru Rob Parnell examines your options.

How to Get Your Children’s Book Published

So you want to get your children’s book published? Author of 61 published children’s books shows you what to do now. It worked for her!

Self Publishing Your Own Book: When Should You Consider It?

If you are a real writer, a control freak, or a money grubber (or perhaps some combination) then you should consider self publishing your own book.

Why Publish Your Writing In A Printed Book

Why would anyone want to create a printed book, when then can create eBooks a lot more easily — and cheaply? Why would anyone want to get mired in the process of printing and shipping physical books that take time to deliver to customers, when they can deliver a digital information product immediately, with no additional production or shipping costs? What’s the point of having a tree-killing artifact of yesteryear in your creative portfolio? Here are some things to consider.

How to Get Someone Else to Pay for Publishing Your Book

Are you thinking of self-publishing your book and nearly fainting at the costs involved? Well, here’s a way that you can get someone else to pay to publish your book-while you keep all the rights and royalties (unlike what happens with “traditional” publishers, who hold most of the rights and pay you a pittance of a royalty).

Three Book Publishing DON’TS

Is there a book in you? The best way to succeed as a writer is NOT to do these three common mistakes.

Freelance Writers: Publish Your Writing In A Blog

Freelance writers should consider self publishing with a blog using one of these three profit models.

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