Live Writing Sprints Using the Pomodoro Method Timer

Another Problem For Traditional Publishers – AmazonEncore

Amazon has have officially become a book publisher – and they are able to handle every aspect of the publishing cycle, from start to finish. Where does that leave the traditional publishers? I’m afraid things aren’t looking very good for them.

Thinking Outside the Box – What a Book Can Do For Your Business

At a business meeting or networking function, you want to stand out from the crowd. You want to be edifying and memorable.

Tips to Get You One Step Closer to Publishing Your Work

Publishing is the act of issuing work for sale or distribution to the public. Publishing can be seen as the last part of the writing process.

How to Get a Book Published – Brief Introduction to Publishing Procedure

Publishing procedure of a book is labeled with too many technicalities. A writer should be familiar with these proceedings specially, the one who don’t know at all that how to get a book published. In the coming lines, I will throw light on the topic that how to get a book published and what are the related proceedings.

How to Get Published? Never Ask This Question to a Publisher

New writers commonly don’t know that how to get published and often make their writings worthless in market by making a general mistake. What mistake do they make and how does it happen?

Does Quantity Equal Quality in Book Publishing?

Quantity Equals Quality? The other day I came across an article online quoting some ivory tower NY book publisher who said that his firm would not even consider accepting a self published book that had not already sold at least 25,000 copies. I found this statement both arrogant and asinine.

When & How to Work With a Freelance Editor

You’ve spent hours on a piece of writing, losing all track of time, and riding the caffeine high to crank out some of your most lucid text. You treasure these get-togethers, you and your computer, in the flow. You’re buzzing, grateful to have found the time to commit. To dig deep, and get it all out where you trust that your download is inspired and will touch others.

When Books Get the Hook – The Story Behind Remainders, Hurts and Overstock in Publishing

Ever wonder what happens when a publisher prints WAY too many books and has to unload the balance? Where do those bargain books in the major chains come from? Welcome to the world of remainders, overstock, and hurts. This is where surplus and damaged books are sold at a deep discount by publishers in an effort to recover printing and binding costs.

How to Publish a Book

For most authors writing is an art that needs to be publicized. A book is a manuscript until it is published. When a book is written it carries the spirit and the wisdom of the author. Without publishing it makes the entire effort useless. A first time author is always confused as to how he or she can get to publish their work.

Why to Avoid Print on Demand

Print on demand is not a good option if you are serious about getting your book sold. Print on demand, or POD, is a printing process in which copies of a book are either not printed until an order has been received, or they are printed in very small amounts, for a very limited audience.

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