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Chapbooks Create Publishing Opportunities: Five Strategies to Success

You’ve been writing forever and now want to get published– but you’re having trouble making it happen. Or you don’t even want to attempt the time-consuming submissions process. Self-publishing your own chapbook might be your best alternative!

Publishing Scams: Six Red Flags That Scream “Rip Off”

How to scammers do it? Easy — they know the six little words that authors want to hear most of all: “We want to publish your book!” How can you tell the difference between a legitimate publishing offer and the come-on of a scammer or a vanity press?

A Tested Strategy for Getting Published

Do you want to write, but are not sure how to begin? This article offers an effective strategy that has worked for its author.

Your Self-publishing Style — DISCover It

Understanding your comofortable, natural style of behaving will guide you in your decision whether to self-publish and self-market your book. All styles can do so successfully; however, each has certain natural strengths and limitations that need to be recognized and handled. It can be beneficial to enlist support and help in the areas you are least comfortable with or to know you need to take a deep breath and go ahead on your own.

Traditional Publishing, Self-publishing, and Subsidy Publishing: What’s the Difference?

Flashy ads in the backs of magazines lure unpublished writers with promises of “Get Published Now!” and “We’ll help you self-publish!” But are these services really helpful? Or or will they rip you off? What’s the difference between self-publishing and subsidy publishing, and how do these differ from traditional publishing? Get the answers here.

First Time Authors – Clearing Publishing Hurdles

If you’ve started your search for a publisher and gotten bombarded with “Your work is great, but we’re not interested at this time,” don’t despair. There is hope and by looking closer at some of the things I suggest here, you will eventually reach your goal. Be patient, though, it takes time to go the traditional route.

Seven Important Lessons for Experts Who Want to Get Published

No one said writing for publication would be easy! The seven lessons in this article will help you to avoid mistakes and expedite your writing career.

New Author’s Publishing Options

All your publishing options are as follows: –Conventional publishing –Vanity or subsidy publishing –Print-on-demand publishing –Self-publish yourself –Get help with self-publishing. Let’s compare the publishing options…

Make Money Publishing Books Online – Or Not!

Maybe you’re interested in internet self publishing, self publishing cookbooks, self publishing Christian books, or self publishing POD (Print on Demand) books. As a long time bookcoach, I know that if you compare self publishing to New York publishing, you’ll see the deck is stacked in your favor with independent publishing. Pros and Cons of Self Publishing–Which author are you?

How to Finish Your Self-Published Book Fast

Started a book and then got bogged down? Like many of my bookcoaching clients do you say, “I have so many other demands, I just can’t get to the book.” Let me share two ways to speed up your process.

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