Lacking creativity to self publish?

Preparing Your Plot – How to Outline Your Novel Without Getting Too Bogged Down in the Detail

Some writers prepare very detailed outlines often referred to as a synopsis of their novels before they even think of starting to write. They feel the need to know every nuance of their plot, from the very first opening scene to the stunning climax they envision in their mind.

Do Readers Care If a Book is Self-Published?

I have a different definition of self-publishing. Over the years I have developed projects on my own, notably seminar workbooks, audio seminars, and videos. I rented studio space, used a producer/editor, whom I also compensated, and I handled every detail of product layout, printing and promotion. I decided exactly how many copies to produce, brochure copy for direct mailing, pricing, and so on.

A Guide to Self Publishing

Self publishing involves the act of an author publishing books or magazines at his or her own expense. If the author self publishes, the author has control over content, editing, printing, marketing and distribution. In traditional publishing, the publisher invests money prior to publishing for marketing, printing, binding and promotion of the publication.

A Look at Carbon Neutral Publishing

As concerns about climate change mount, carbon neutral publishing becomes a critical concept that deserves proper attention. “Green” is no longer just a word to be applied like a label on products and services. Green publishing involves changing industry practices to reduce the environmental impact of all types of printing operations.

6 Keys to Self-Publishing Success

For some authors, making the leap into self-publishing can seem overwhelming. But instead you can set yourself up to succeed. If you’ve decided you want to self publish a book, there are a number of ways you can go about this. Here are six of the best ways to get your self-publishing career on the right track.

Why Hire an Agent?

Are you considering whether to hire an agent for your book? Find several good reasons why you should here.

Getting Started in Self Publishing – 8 Questions and Answers

Beginning self-publishers need answers to basic questions in order to make a good start in their new business. Knowing whether you need a company, or whether you should hire an editor, can be stumbling blocks for authors who don’t know the publishing field. Here 8 basic questions are answered to help the new self-publisher get up and running.

Book Contract Tips

Book contracts have standard boilerplate language, but there are some areas you should be particularly aware of. If you’ve been offered a book contract by a publisher, congratulations! This is a very exciting moment for you.

How to Get a Literary Agent

The question is not how to get an agent, but how to get the right agent for you and your work. The perception is that getting an agent is the most important thing a writer can do to advance his career.

Maintaining a Positive Fiction Publishing Mindset?

Attempting publication, particularly in literary journals, is a brutal, dehumanizing process. Hundreds of thousands of writers submit their short stories to literary journals and publications every year and only five percent are published. Really, the only way to survive is by developing a healthy denial system that allows you to keep trying.

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