Self-publishing tips & advice – How to drive more amazon traffic with 2 simple steps

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Self Publishing Tips & Advice – How To Drive More Amazon Traffic


Welcome to another edition of self-publishing tips.

You know when it comes to success online, it’s about traffic and conversions, and that’s exactly what we’re focusing on this tutorial.


Remember in tutorial number the self-publishing tip that we identified was to find the right kind of niche market, the right kind of categories to publish to where there’s a lot of consumer demand a lot of people buying books and we narrowed it down to a specific type of a book. Now, with step two we’re going to understand what those consumers are searching for and how we can incorporate those types of keywords into our book titles that will allow us to drive traffic. Why does this work? How does it work?


Here’s a  number 1 self-publishing tip. Well, the reason is really pretty simple: you might not have thought about this, but ultimately anytime a book or a product is added to the amazon website. The name of the product, including the e-book, is also the title of the page at amazon and when we look at driving traffic and google in ranking in google, the most important element is having a title.


Self-publishing tip #1


That represents the keywords that you want to rank for. Let me show you what I mean: let’s actually start over here. This is a google search for smoothie recipes detox book and if we scroll down okay you’ll see how many results are there? Its’s interesting, I don’t see any results, it’s not terribly competitive, but it’s very targeted. These people aren’t just looking for movie recipes. They want smoothie recipes that will help with detox and they want a book. That’s perfect. These people are motivated. They have commercial intent, they want to buy something.


Pay attention to the keywords that people are searching for on amazon, as well as Google, where we’re at right. Now, if I click this link, you’ll see this is the book title right and basically any product. That’s added to Amazon. The product name is also the title tag of the web page right we’re on a web page. This is an amazon web page and this basically, the text that goes in here also creates the title tag, and the title tag is the most important element for ranking in Google.


You see the correlation really powerful stuff. So with that, what we’re going to do is we’re going to basically adopt this book naming formula we’re going to have part 1 of our book title in part 2, and it looks like this right: smoothie recipes for weight loss. This is part 1. I’m going to explain why I arrived at that terminology, the name for the book.


This is pretty much the name of the book. Smoothie recipes for weight loss, that’s the name of the book. This is a subtitle which further describes exactly what the book is about, and it’s also based on additional keywords that allows me to rank for all kinds of different keyword, phrases in Amazon, as well as Google that drives the extra traffic and then, like I said here, You can see to step 3 the money multiplier la allows me to convert more of that traffic.

So, let’s talk about step 1. Okay, let me show you the results actually before I jump in and show you how this works here. We are we’re on I’m going to kind of reconfigure myself we’re on amazon and I’ve done a search in the kindle store for smoothie recipes for weight loss.


Now we go to in the kindle store. This time we search for smoothie recipes cleanse. There are 61 results and I don’t have to look too far. There are 143 results. Now I’ll tell you, there are plenty of there’s so many potential keywords that people will use and you might be number four. You might be number two, but if you use this strategy, you’re going to show up in the top ten so much more often than your competitors, that’s the traffic from amazon and specifically we’re going to pay attention to what’s happening on google and by paying attention to.


What’s happening on google? Well, here you can see again smoothie recipes for weight loss. Let’s check this out, let’s just type in smoothie recipes, and you can see right here: smoothie recipes for weight loss. This is a suggested keyword phrase and I can tell you that this is searched for thousands of times every month on amazon.


Self-publishing tip #2


So again, what you’re going to do too is identify the two parts of your book title. The first part is an exact keyword phrase that you identify in Amazon.


How do we do that? Well, first, I’m just going to get out of some of these tabs we’re going to take it from the beginning, I’m going to go over this slow, so you can see how just how easy it really is. So in step number one and video number one.

I talked about understanding the niche understanding, what category you want to target and then we further narrowed it down to a topic, and in this case I identified that smoothie recipes were very popular books on kindle, so I needed to come up with the title, so I went to Amazon and I simply entered in one singular keyword phrase that best describes the book I’m going to create.


Now these results we’re seeing are not listed in alphabetical order. Think about that, for a minute, green smoothie would, if it was alphabetical, would appear above smoothie recipes with that. We can make a pretty good assumption that these are more popular.

This key word is  listed at the top. Now I looked at this list of keywords and I see smoothie recipes. Smoothie recipes for weight loss, that’s kind of interesting right, because this keyword phrase is near the top. Its’s number three and it also begins with the same keywords that are listed number one.


This is how you want to think this is how a marketing brain operates. I’m not trying to say you know, I am super smart. I’ve just done this a long time and I I understand how to drive the traffic and I can look here and I see smoothie recipe, smoothie books, fries, smoothies, for weight loss and that’s interesting because that’s kind of similar to this.


So what I did is identified – and I targeted this keyword phrase because it was appearing at the top when I searched for the singular keyword phrase smoothie so identify the one, singular keyword phrase that best describes the book you’re going to create and identify one search term From amazon that you want to target okay, so let’s say you’re going to create a book about space or a kids book about space.

You would do the same exact thing or maybe you’re going to create a book about 44 x or maybe you’re, going to create a book about weight, loss or paleo or vegetarian diet or slow cookers, so many niche markets.


The process is always the same. You select that keyword phrase and if we go back here to the formula, that’s going to be the beginning right, the exact keyword phrase in part 1. Now you can add an extra word in front of it. In fact, you know. So that’s a two word a three-word phrase and then how to self publish a best-selling kindle book.


So if you were to look here how to number one, how to self publish on kindle a book etc, so the process is always always the same. Let’s scroll down here now: okay, so you’re going to start off your first part of your title by identifying a keyword that you find in Amazon now after you’ve narrowed it down to your target keyword phrase.


So let’s go back and let’s look it’s smoothie. So I’m really targeting smoothie recipes smoothie recipes for weight loss after you’ve identified these. What you then want to do is you want to really further mind and come up with a list of potential keywords: singular words, additional phrases that further describe the book you might want to create another way to think about it is to identify exactly what the consumers


What isn’t that smart think about that, find what people want and create a product based on that? How do we do that? Smoothie, a okay juicing in for weight loss, so I would write down in notepad or another file right juicing in weight loss and then I can come to be, and I see Bible books, books, okay, books for kindle so books, I’m going to write down books.


Another a singular word that describes the kind of product I might want to make. If I put in see, I see cookbook okay. That would be another great keyword. I could add to my title. If I google, I see detox, I see diet. I see smoothie diet recipe book, let’s search for that 194 results right and I’m listed. You know in this case I’m not listed and that’s okay, like I said, you’re not going to show up all the time, and one of the things I want to stress is that this keyword phrase is competitive.


So what we can do is we can continue to scroll through the alphabet. Ef4 weight loss fast for detox, okay and after you do this, you want to take all those singular keywords and create a description to describe the book you’re going to create and that’s part 2. This is part 2 here. Ok notice diet cleanse green smoothie detox in book. This further describes what my book is about and allows me to show up in Google and Amazon all over the place.


So that’s what you want to do now after you’ve identified your target keyword phrase in in for mine, it’s this, then we want to work smart and we want to say you know. I wonder if there’s anybody over at that Google search engine that are going to be searching for a keyword phrase similar to mine right in here. I can see I put in smooth smoothie recipes for weight loss and I get more suggestions.


Okay, free! Well, I’m not interested in that. I want to make money. I want to drive sales PDF. No, I’m not interested in that. How about book yeah! That’s perfect and there’s no mistake in you know the fact that I added the word book to my title. Let’s look at my title again book, I included books, so when people search for smooth eBooks on google, I have a chance to show up. Remember the golden rule that I’ve been you know talking about for years, find what people want and give it to them.


We’re basically understanding what people are searching for on amazon on google were combining those keywords into our book title and that results in two more traffic don’t go overboard, don’t create a spammy looking title that is gibberish and silly.


This is step two and when you named your books in this way, when you pay attention to Amazon and Google you’re going to get great results, it can you do me a favor. I hope you found this to be helpful.



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