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Self Publishing – More Than One Way to Do It

I’ve been reading a few blogs and books about self publishing, lately. And one thing stands out. Although a lot of the advice is good, everyone seems to assume there’s only one right way to do it.

The Importance Of Having Clear Printouts Of Construction Management Documents

The construction management documents are considered among the most important files in almost all construction projects. Oftentimes, these documents consist of the detailed phases of the project which include the planning, critical drawings or blue prints of the planned structure, and many others.

5 Reasons Why Bookstores Don’t Want Your Self-Published Book and How to Overcome It

Bookstores are in the business of selling books – period. So no matter how great you and your friends think you are, bookstores, especially the big chain stores, want books on their shelves that sell quickly. As a self-published author you will find it to be even more of a challenge to get your book on the shelves of the various bookstore chains. Although it is hard, it is not impossible. It is important to know what you’re up against and how to work through some of the challenges. Below is a list of 5 reasons why bookstores aren’t fans of self-published books and what you can do to overcome it.

Book Beauty 101 for the Self-Published Author

Big publishing houses have editors, designers, illustrators, researchers, proofreaders, indexers and a slew of other professionals on staff to polish and shine your manuscript to immaculate eye-catching beauty. However, when you are the author and self-publisher, you will be responsible for all the beauty tricks yourself. You don’t want people to know your book is self-published simply because it “looks” self-published.

Get It Published

If you are now at the threshold of trying to get published, you deserve congratulations! To arrive at this point means you have achieved what the majority of folks in the world have not even thought of attempting; you have written a book, a true form of art. To write a book is an ambitious effort; there are not enough words to describe that effort. It requires skill, passion, energy, creativity and persistence to reach the finish line. However, the completion of writing a book is not the finish line but rather the first leg of a longer journey of having a successful book.

Business Benefits of Using the ePub Format

ePub is just one of many formats currently used to create books for the purpose of digital distribution, but due to its features and benefits, it has garnered more attention from the larger publishing houses. It has been designed strictly for use in book publishing, but with a little work, it can be used to create a container for virtually any other type of documentation. First of all it provides a unified standard, which means almost anyone is set up to make use of it.

Tips for Preparing a Book for Print-On-Demand Printing

Are you preparing a book to be printed by a Print-On-Demand printer? POD presses are different from offset presses. Here’s what you need to know.

Do You Really Have To Find A Conventional Publisher? (A Case for Print On Demand Publishing)

Following recent sales conversations, I have come to the conclusion that many aspiring authors in my part of the world, STILL fail to see the cost, time and effort saving advantages offered by web based Print On Demand Publishing services. Let me point out the following: 1. Conventional (brick and mortar) publishers will NOT always see the GENIUS in every authors work, even if it’s there. That’s because they are human. The owner of the work may have to fall back on his/her BELIEF to forge ahead, IN SPITE of their rejection. Historical evidence bears testimony to the accuracy of this fact.

The Five Questions Christian Publishers Will Always Ask Before They Print Your Book

Christian publishers get thousands of requests for book deals every month, and it is impossible for publishing companies to read everything that comes through the door. Becoming a recognized published author is one of the toughest gigs anyone can pursue, and unless you are famous, it is going to be hard to get noticed.

Writing And Publishing Your Own Books Is Simple – Start With Article Writing And Marketing

Did you know that you can now publish your own books, both in paperback and in digital format, at very little out-of-pocket expense? Read on to find out how to start with articles and build your publishing empire.

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