How to self publish short stories?

How to Get Your Poetry Published

I would have to say that the best place to start looking in order to get your poetry published is a book called “The Poet’s Market”. It includes detailed info on more than 2000 poetry publishers (including all types of mediums) with all their contact info, what type of poems they look for, as well as a list of their rules regarding deadlines and submissions.

How to Make Your Writing Stand Out to Publishers

So many people want to write a book. Everyone thinks they have the next great hit! Well, sorry to break it to you, but it isn’t that easy. Here are a few tips to making your writing shoot out LOOK AT ME while it’s buried beneath the masses.

Online Book Publishing – How to Self Publish

It is easier than ever before to accomplish online book publishing. This article is intended to describe how to self publish using online publishing tools exclusively. Let me start with a story.

Self Publishing For Free With CreateSpace – Save Hundreds If Not Thousands

You can make more money publishing for free with CreateSpace than you can make with a traditional publisher. And, it is getting more and more difficult to get published by a traditional publisher, so why not consider self-publishing for free with CreateSpace? There are many advantages!

Author Success – How It’s Like Bamboo

Becoming a successful author is very much like the growth of bamboo. Bamboo is an interesting plant. Its growth starts underground, where the rhizome system that supports the canes are developed.

The Power of the Written Word

Behold the power of the written word – the most powerful invention of mankind. Entire civilizations have been forgotten because they did not master the written word. Entire religions have risen and fallen depending on well they recorded and preserved their beliefs in writing.

Writing Your First Query Letter

There are many books on how to write a query letter and you should have no trouble finding a decent one at your local library. Basically, however, a query letter consists of only a one page cover letter. Its purpose it to introduce you and your book to the agent. Keeping your letter to one page shows that you respect his time.

Independent Publishing – It is a Business!

So many writers think of themselves as “just writers. ” But make no mistake, independent publishing is a business. Before you even begin to start writing your manuscript, a business plan including a strategic marketing plan is critical for successful book sales.

Should I Self-Publish – Options For Independent Authors

So you’ve written or are writing or are even thinking about writing a book. You’ve no doubt asked yourself, “Should I consider self-publishing?” The answer is yes-you certainly should consider it.

5 Reasons Why Independent Publishers Are the Future of Publishing

If you’re selling a product that’s designed to create consumer need rather than gratify it, that product isn’t going to meet your sales expectations. And in the book industry, that means a one-way ticket to the shredder. Throwing the same writers out there over and over again, while paying ungodly advances, is only going to generate consumer loyalty if the writing is fresh and speaks to a particular market segment in a new, exciting way.

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