How to See All Book Categories a Book Is Listed For: It’s more than 3!

How to Publish Your Book: Getting Those All-Important Reviews and Testimonials

Great reviews and testimonials help sell books. This article, in our series on self-publishing, deals with how to get reviews and testimonials, and the importance of being persistent when people don’t respond as promised, or as swiftly as you’d like.

Self Publishing Through Third Party Printers

In this piece, I will explain the process of self-publishing a book through a third party printer, and the kinds of things that you should expect based upon my own experiences. This article is not designed to be technical in nature – it is simply a run-down of the publishing process through a third party printer. I personally use Ingram’s Lightning Source, but you can apply these steps to virtually any third party printer.

Aspiring Authors Dream Come True

Barnes & Noble just opened their own e-book distribution company to compete heads-up with Amazon! This is a new author’s dream come true!

How to Publish Your Book: Here’s an Issue for Self Publishers – How Much Should I Sell My Book For?

Pricing your book can be tricky. There are so many factors that can influence your decision. This article, one of a series dealing with self publishing, focuses on the issue of price and what self publishers must take into account.

I’m a Self Publisher and I Need Advice – How Many Copies of My Book Should I Print?

Self publishers are always faced with the question of how many books to print. It’s a tricky question, often depending on whether you want your book to turn a profit, or, if it’s more of a dream to have your book published. Some of the issues surrounding this question are the subject of this article, one of a series on self publishing.

Breathing Fire – Make Fantasy Writing Work for Publication

Learn how you can be a published author, by the end of next year, using simple writing tips that will change the way you think about writing. Have you got a book in your heart just aching to get out? These writing tips will make your dreams come true, just me visit and collect the information.

How to Create a Newsletter With Microsoft Office Publisher 2007

This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through the basics of how to create a newsletter with Microsoft Office Publisher 2007. Microsoft Publisher 2007 is an excellent software program for creating custom newsletters.

I’ve Finished Writing My Book – Now What?

It’s finally happened. You took that wonderful idea of yours and put it down on paper. You’ve spent hours perfecting your work, making sure that your ideas flow smoothly and that your message is clear. And now, at long last, the manuscript is complete. You would be amazed at the number of people who make it to this point and then have no idea how to proceed. If you are one of those people, have no fear. This article is just for you.

Getting Your Book Published: 10 Reasons Why You Should Self Publish

You’ve a decision to make. Should you self publish your book or try and use a publisher? In this article we discuss some of the reasons to go the self-publishing route and the implications.

Getting Your Book Published: 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Publisher

One of the difficult choices some authors must face is whether to publish their books themselves, or be accepted by a publisher. In this article, one of a series of articles on getting your book published, the focus is on the benefits of being taken on by an established publisher.

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