How to Rank Your Book Higher on Amazon – EASY kindle publishing keyword ranking strategy!

Self-Publishing Insights For The Self-Empowered Writer

Recently, I was reflecting about my own decision to self-publish, and wrote a blog post about the main reasons why I did it and how. On this article, I would like to resume the subject of self-publishing and expand on some of the ideas I talked about then.

Reusable Folder: What Will I Find?

That paragraph written last week about the little boy down the street caught bullying my dog not once but several times or that half-written story for my writer’s group – what am I doing keeping these scraps that may never ever be used for anything? Good question.

7 Tips On Avoiding The Mess

If you would like to avoid all the disgraceful pitfalls of the 97% of network marketing reps who fail to break even or sponsor a rep to save their lives, then this could be one of the most crucial lessons you’ll ever learn…

Should You or Shouldn’t Publish Your Work Online For Free?

Are you a first time author who thinks of publishing some of his or her books online for free? Even as an expert in online writing and publishing, are you confused or you need more answers to whether you should continue publishing free contents online? If yes, then this article is for you… I’d suggest you take time to read this article from beginning to the end.

The Best Way to Publish a Book For Free

Publishing your very own book for a low fee or no fee at all seems like an endeavor that is too good to be true. However, I have known fellow authors who have achieved this goal. They have published their very own book that they can be proud of, and they have done it by not putting in a single cent!

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