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Publishing – Blessing Humanity With Words and Ideas

“I don’t know if I can do this anymore. Sometimes I think I just might have to quit.” I looked at my friend across the table from me as he spoke. The cheerful chatter of the coffeehouse around us played a striking contrast to his mood. It was obvious he was carrying quite a burden. The pastor’s brows knit together, his eyes were downcast, and he was leaning forward with intense interest. “I love counseling young couples, but it’s just so hard, seeing them on the brink. It’s like I get them too late.” I hadn’t listened to him long as the answer started clearly unfolding before me. He had the same predicament as so many other business professionals with whom I work. Still, I let him talk it out over coffee, laying down some of his burdens from the past week. Finally he said, “I wish there was some kind of instruction manual for young married couples, you know? Then all the words and tools I give them could make a difference before they even get married. But nobody’s written that book yet.” That’s when I told him, “It sounds to me like you’ve been called to write it.”

The World’s Best Book Publishing Formula for Self-Published Authors

The problem most first-time authors face is that they’re great at writing but they’re lousy at publishing. They don’t understand how books are made or how they are sold. They don’t realize the simple fact that writing their book is only 5% of the work involved in selling books. What are the most common misunderstandings? As a publisher, I’ve seen the gamut, from the false belief that buyers will show up automatically, to thinking that publicity is someone else’s job. To become a best selling author you’ll need to get educated about literary agents, book proposals, book size options, pricing, cover design, interior layout, proof editing, distribution and how to work with major retail chains. There are lots of ways to gain this experience. You can go to author events, survey a variety of publishing blogs, or talk with your friends and colleagues who are successful published authors. You can also check with a publishing insider who makes a living in this complex marketplace. To find out how to maximize your chances for success with your book, read on.

The Perils of Pricing a Self-Published Book: Pricing Tips for Maximum Profits

Have you dreamed about writing a book? Getting your book into the marketplace has just become easier than it ever has been in the history of writing. For the first time ever, you can pen your prose and publish to the world at large in about as much time as it takes to bake a cake (Okay, maybe a little longer). Gone are the days of traditional publishing: writing your book proposal, shopping for an agent, pushing your manuscript to 47 publishing houses, signing away your copyright (and the bulk of your revenue), hiring a publicist, and running the grueling circuit of a PR tour – all for the glory of being a “published author.” There’s no more need for a middle man when it comes to publishing your cherished work. Or is there? Book pricing is only one aspect of tapping the publishing professional’s expertise, but it is certainly one of the most important. To see both sides of the pricing coin, read on.

Top 5 Trends in Scholarly Publishing

The Digital Age has made it imperative for scholarly publishers to evolve in the way they create, review and disseminate content, be it in the form of a book, article, journal, research paper, report, etc. The digitization of content along with speedy technological advancements is redefining scholarly publishing as we know it.

Extending the Life of Your Writing

Writing does take time and often time is really limited, especially when you are writing your next book, spending time marketing your current publication, and trying to juggle research and family life. Whew, even the thought of it makes me tired. Do you ever feel that marketing is so time-consuming that you cannot possibly do a great job doing all that is required?

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