How to Optimize an Amazon Ads Campaign to Increase KDP Book Sales

Professional Custom Book Cover Design

Most authors in the self publishing industry underestimate how important it is to get a custom book cover designed when they are first starting out in the authoring and publishing industry. A professionally crafted custom book cover design is a key factor in how your book will be perceived.

Tips On How to Become A Best Selling Author

Having a best seller is what every book writer would like to achieve. Though the path towards this goal is challenging and difficult to achieve, many still work hard to get near this. The greatness of a writer is often measured by the number of best selling works they have produced.

How to Find Places to Publish Your Short Fiction

Not everybody aspires to write the great American novel. In fact, many writers are content to thoughtful and engaging short stories, whether for broad consumption or simply as a means of channeling creative energy into the written word. Writing short stories may not make you a millionaire, but you have the opportunity to gain a loyal readership and perhaps find greater glory in another medium. When you consider that a short story about cowboys by Annie Proulx, published originally in The New Yorker, was adapted into an Oscar-winning film, you’ll find the possibilities of interpreting your story are many. So, too, are opportunities for getting them read.

Getting a Book Published – Four Reasons Why You Need to Finish Your Book

Are you getting a book published? Every year, there are thousands of books that never get published! Many authors will start writing a book, but then they never get around to finishing it. Some authors write fiction novels that are good enough to be turned into blockbuster movies.

How to Get Your Book Published Despite What Your Critics Say

If you want to know how to get your book published, then we need to start with this simple fact. No one cares about your stupid book! Getting someone to read your book that you have labored over for months or even years is much harder than you think!

Best Seller Book for a Newbie? Is It Possible?

A newbie writer will need all the confidence they can get to be aggressive enough to make a best seller. Some writers who are just new in the industry would settle for a published work but not the best selling book around. One should realize that all writers are equal and being a newbie should not hinder one from producing the most sellable book.

Five Things to Consider Before You Self-Publish

It should come as no surprise that the allure of self-publishing has strengthened over the last year. The rise in popularity of digital book readers like the Kindle and Nook have inspired user-friendly publishing platforms for writers who wish to sell compatible eBooks. The simplicity of do-it-yourself print on demand sites allows writers to take charge of formatting and design for their books, and to make them available for sale rather quickly. While it’s true that an author contracted with a traditional publisher has advantages, a number of self-published phenoms have proven they can sell as well as the next New York Times chart-topper.

Is Self-Publishing Right for You?

Over these last two years, the publishing world has literally turned upside-down. In the past, the writer who aspired to see his/her work in print needed to wade through rejection after rejection in order to get representation and ultimately a contract. Today, it appears writers have taken on the responsibility of writing, publishing and marketing works on their own. Phenomenal sellers like Amanda Hocking and H.P. Mallory took advantage of self-publishing tools to gain national attention and amazing sales, while established authors like J.A. Konrath and Barry Eisler have decided to cut middlemen and distribute their work on their own terms. Now, one can find self-published titles on the USA Today bestseller lists. No wonder writers are enamored by self- and indie publishing!

Navigate The New World Of Publishing

Anyone with access to a word processor and the Internet can become a published author, but most do not become successful authors. We all know the publishing industry has changed drastically since the introduction of eReaders, but how many authors (traditional, self, or aspiring) truly understand the changes and how to navigate this new world?

Starting Out a Career As a Writer: How to Become a Best Seller?

Starting on a new career is the most difficult part of a profession. This is when all adjustments, learning and changes will happen in your career. If you are a person who loves to write articles, books or even blogs, then you can start on a career as a writer.

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