How to get Amazon Kindle self publishing reviews?

10 Steps in Finding the Best Title for Your Book

Why do you need a good title for your book? The title plays a big part in creating a favorable first impression for your book. If you have a catchy title, you will have a better chance of attracting more readers and generating more sales for your book.

Why Make An Online Magazine?

Presenting your personal, business, or professional website as an online magazine has lots of attractive benefits. Learn how to generate excitement by making an online magazine.

The Basics of Book Binding

Whether you are looking for a new way to bind your collection of poems or stories, or you are creating your own journal or personal appointment books, you will want to know about book binding that you can do yourself. Here are a few tips and suggestions for making sure that your books look professional and presentable, even if you are binding them at home.

How DO Publishers Deal With So Much Technology To Learn and Use?

In some ways today was just another day, May 5, 2012, but suddenly I thought about all I was doing without much of a second thought. I just updated my Facebook status, on my Publishing Facebook page to announce that I was finally starting to use Twitter, thus I’d be sending out tweets. I also added a widget to my website via my ftp account in order that folks can now follow my new Twitter account. Good grief, the above combination of social media options and web functions seem like a mouthful. There’s no doubt about it, I have come along way in this world of working with storytelling.

Book Distribution – The Necessary Evil

Having your book professionally edited isn’t the only necessary evil you must deal with in your journey to becoming a successful author. Don’t forget your book’s distribution.

How to Create the Perfect Book Cover

People often say “never judge a book by its cover”. This may apply to some situations but in the competitive world of self publishing a great book cover design can attract readers who may never have heard of you or your work. So how do you create the perfect book cover?

Directory of Open Access Journals

Open Access journals are a new facet to journal publishing as they provide unrestricted and permanent access to scientific publications. In addition to free access to research articles, Open Access publications also promote cross discipline fertilization by facilitating the confluence of scientific efforts from varied disciplines, that in a closed access journals are restricted and separated by conventional and discrete classifications of topic, field or discipline. In an Open Access world, all the disciplines come together and share their findings, thereby aiding the scientists to learn from the research of other disciplines.

Consumers Go to for Online Book Publishing

Online book publishing – a new phenomenon Before the inception of the internet, everything had a physical existence. One used to visit the library and would search the shelves to pick the book that he needs. However, internet came and virtually opened up new doors for every aspect of life. Be it communicating with others or even reading books, things have changed a great deal. With the rising interest of people in e-books, a recent trend that maybe observed is of online book publishing. It has almost emerged as a business altogether with several companies practicing online book publishing for the very reason that people find it convenient in many ways. The reading habits of people are changing from print format to reading it off the screen.

Ready Or Not Here Come The New Books

How important is it that more books be published in this world of tweets, Facebook status updates, blogs, e-books, e-pamphlets and the like. The struggle and value of publishing a new book.

How To Avoid Becoming The Next Publishing Casualty

All authors-to-be need to read my ten pieces of critical information before publishing their book. By doing so, many new authors can avoid falling into a publishing trap.

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