Print a Book and Check It Off the Bucket List

Have you ever wanted to print a book? Be a published author? Be a celebrated writer cruising the talk show network scene, rubbing shoulders with celebs who beg to write the foreword to your next book?

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

So, you are ready to submit your novel to perspective literary agents and publishers for their consideration. Putting together submission packages can be costly. While there are some literary agents and publishers who accept submissions by email, there are those who will only accept hard copies.

Trials and Tribulations of a Self Published Author – My Experience and Advice

The article is about my experiences as a self published author. I have published books in both the UK and US.

Publishing For the Rest of Us

With the explosion of the Internet, publishing books and novels is now within reach for just about anyone. What was once a long and painful process is now as easy as clicking a few buttons.

It Starts With The Look Before They Open The Book

You’ve slaved away on your book and now it’s ready to be printed. Finally you can call yourself an author. You have a work of which you can be proud.

Sell eBooks Directly Through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes

Don’t work with a third-party aggregator like Smashwords, Book Baby, Lulu, or Lightning Source. Go direct and collect all your ebook royalties – it’s easier than you think!

InDesign for Self-Publishing

Adobe InDesign CS6 has a number of features that allow writers to self-publish to ebook stores. It can also be used by educators to create engaging elearning material.

The Book Buyer’s Decision-Making Process: A Guide For Self-Publishers

As a self-publisher you must understand how a potential customer will determine if your book is worth buying. Let’s assume the buyer has already found your book on Amazon because they were looking for information about a subject that your book covers. They are getting ready to buy a book that they believe will help them learn something new and is worth their time and money. What must your book do to convince this person to ignore the other books and buy your book? I have outlined some crucial questions that you must deal with as a self-publisher if you want the buyer to choose your book over another. By dealing with these questions you will help the buyer become more confident in their decision to choose your book over the many other books.

How To Create an Amazon Best-Selling Christian Ebook

Writing and editing a book can be a daunting task by itself. Add publishing and marketing to the mix and you inherit a major learning curve. The encouraging thing is YOU the Christian author are not alone. There is a resource waiting to help you succeed in a very competitive online world, perhaps the first of its kind online.

Interior Book Layout and Design: Think Outside the Box

Fiction writers rarely realize how important interior layout & design is to their sales. Here’s one example that thinks outside the box.

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