How to Find an Editor For Your Book | Free Self-Publishing Course | Video #11

Why Your Book Deserves an Awesome Book Cover Design

Find out why your book deserves an awesome book cover design. Getting published is a huge first step, but getting published doesn’t guarantee that people will buy your book.

Instead of Throwing People Out of Work, What If Technology Could Help Everyone Prosper?

Today we see new technology as destroying middle class jobs. What if new technology gave everyone the world’s best abilities, and moved everyone up the pyramid by making us knowing and powerful?

Are We Too Successful to Stop Self-Caused Crises Like Climate Change?

Our growing crises come from who we are: Everyone wants it all, wants it now, and won’t stop. Are we racing toward success or self-destruction?

Best Guide on How to Get a Book Published

One of the top things on everyone’s bucket list, including yours, is how to get a book published. Here’s a starting question for you: do you have the first draft of your next bestseller finished? Do you at least have a manuscript?

How To Get Published As A Freelance Writer

Story ideas catch the attention of editors, not the writers. Freelancers that editors want to talk to are the ones who call or email with an abundance of new and interesting ideas.

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