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How Do You Get a Book Published – Some Key Tips

How do you get a book published? It requires some skill, some luck and some patience. Find out more here.

Start Your Own Magazine For Profit and Fun

If others can do it, you can too. And the truth of the matter is that in spite of the naysayers, there are people who are starting up magazines and having success with it. How are they finding success?

Membership Sites – Finding and Presenting Valuable Content

Create your own digital publishing empire by opening and running paid membership sites. This is the third article in a series of articles. Publishers need not be writers, or producers of any content. They need to pull the content together, and this article covers several different places to find contributors, and ways to present that information as text, as audio and as video.

The Death of Print is Nigh Upon Us!

We hear it everywhere. “Print is dying. Magazines are suffering. No one wants them anymore.” In 2006, The Guardian went to press with the title “Google almost doubles profit as advertisers rush online” which caused much nervousness among those in the print media industry.

2009 Big Summer Print Magazine Issues Lacking Substance

Summer time is generally when the magazine industry makes its most profits, and puts out its largest magazine issues. Of course, right now popular consumer magazines have noticed that their advertising revenue is down between 50 and 75%. Trade journals are down another 50% on top of that in advertising, or about 12 1/2% of what they were making when the economy was cooking along at a brisk pace.

It is Hard to Get Published, Sometimes Writing is the Easy Part

Sometimes writing is the easy part and getting it published is the hard part especially if any of your works have not been published yet. It goes the same on anything you have written for. It could be a book or just a poem. You have to be persistent and not easily discouraged.

Working With Book Distributors

Working with a distributor gives you the advantage of having your book accessible to multiple stores across the country. The costs incurred are worthwhile in the long run.

Isn’t it Better to Reach Out & Sell Someone?

You can banter about whether to self-publish, find an agent, polish your writing skills, make social networking productive, and distract yourself with a multitude of other nonsense issues. Isn’t it easier and better to simply REACH OUT & SELL SOMEONE?

So You Want to Get Published – Avoid the Big Baboom!

Whether the manuscript was a masterpiece or a muddle, this lonesome author had succumbed to one in a long list of book publishing’s easily avoided disappointments. I call them bombshells. In order to avoid these bombshells, please read on!

How Much Should I Pay to Enter a Fiction Writing Contest?

Some fiction writing contests are free; others have a fee. If you win a contest you might win a few bucks or thousands of dollars. How can you tell which contest provides the greatest opportunity at the lowest cost?

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