Helium 10 vs Book Bolt vs Publisher Rocket – Which is Better?

Making Your Living Through Writing

If you are a writer, there is only one thing that drives you: writing. If you were unable to ever see your work in print, a true writer would write nonetheless, even if the work was seen by an audience of one.

Why Most Resolutions to Write and Publish a Book Will Fail

Did you make a resolution that you will write and publish a book this year? But do you find yourself making the same resolution year after year but the book is never ready? You are not alone. Read on to uncover 5 reasons why most reasons to write and publish a book will fail and how you can go about overcoming them.

Self Publish Your Online Magazine

Self publishing your online magazine, if done right, is a great way to share your passion about a given subject with the world. Be reasonable though and realize that, however rewarding making your own magazine may be, this is definitely a huge task not to be taken lightly.

Catalogs Become Environmentally Friendly

The costs of maintaining a successful business have increased greatly in recent years. There has also been growing concern over waste, and the fact that even recycling can be costly. Many of these up-front expenses and later wastes are related to the printing and distribution of catalogs on paper.

How to Get Published – A Self Publishing Guide

Ask any aspiring writer, he will tell you that how it is challenging to get published. Your writing should reach the right publisher or editor at the right time because there might be thousands of submissions waiting to be published. And therefore, your fine piece of writing might get lost in the massive stock of others writing!

Choosing the Websites to Publish Your Articles

It is important to choose good partners when you are doing business. First of all they should be honest and reliable people so that you can be confident that they do not let you down.

Paperless Publishing – The Future of Books

A revolution in the book publishing industry is occurring as we speak. Although e-readers have been around for a number of years and the current market for e-books is small compared to print the public’s interest has been piqued by cool and affordable electronic reading devices.

The Perpetual Perks of Self-Publishing

Every writer’s dream is to get published. Nothing beats the feeling of reading one’s byline from a reputable publishing firm. Writing is a creative outcome for the struggle of silence.

Making Sense of Self-Publishing Terms

The novice author looking to publish his or her book often finds that producing a book requires learning an entire new terminology, particularly in relation to what is or is not a self-publisher. Subsidy, vanity, self-publishing, and POD are terms often used interchangeably to mean the same or similar things, but these terms do have definitions that separate them.

Tips and Advice on Getting Published

So you’ve written your masterpiece and all you need now is to get it published so that the general public can see just how great a writer you are. The problem is this – where to start!

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