Does self publishing cost too much money?

Could My Book Become a Best-Seller?

Is it impossible for an average Joe to become a bestselling author? No, it’s not impossible, but this author had better prepare him or herself to learn best-sellers’ marketing tactics (PR, promotion, packaging, etc.), including spending a good amount of money.

5 Things You Don’t Know About Self-Publishing

Starting off in self-publishing can seem like a perilous journey. Like any new venture, it is both exciting and scary. Exciting because it is something new, yet scary because you may not know what to do first, or how to sound like you know what you’re doing. But you pick it up soon enough. As you move forward, you have to keep your bearings.

Self-Publishing Doesn’t Have to Be Exhausting – Here’s How

The solution is exhausting yourself trying to do everything a traditional publisher does is to approach your new business as… a business! Mostly, you should confine yourself to writing and marketing your book. Leave the rest to skilled practitioners who are only too happy to help.

Do You Self Publish? Learn What You Need to Approach a Printer to Print Your Book

Self publishing has become very popular in the industry these days. There are some important things like manuscript, book cover and editing which need to be kept in mind before approaching a printer.

Define Your Publishing Objectives

Are you ready to write your first novel? Have you already written your first novel? Have you defined your publishing objectives? The world of publishing is changing and this change has resulted in a tremendous opportunity for writers that take control of their careers. What do you want from your writing career?

Kindle Ebook Reader Design – Making Body Text Readable

Book designers can sometimes lose site of the fact that we’re dealing with text and the main purpose of text, in the end, is to be read. Good typography (at least for a novel) should disappear and be transparent to the reader.

Don’t Let These 7 Reasons Not to Self-Publish a Book Stop You

It has never been easier, faster, or less expensive to get into print. With the tools of the internet and social media, the marketing landscape has never been so level. Go drag that box out from under the bed. Fulfill what you started, or start what you’ve dreamed of. You won’t regret it.

Three Kindle Books You Should Read If You Are Seriously Considering Publishing a Kindle Book

If you are considering publishing a book for Kindle, a good place to start in your preparation is to read three books published about this subject. The books have a nice progression from the basic level to more sophisticated techniques to make your book stand out. Beginning with the most basic book, the would be publisher will be able to create a book suitable for publication suitable for viewing with a Kindle or other ebook reader.

What Exactly Are Publishers, Agents and Editors Looking For, and Why Do They Reject Good Books?

An agent told a friend of mine: ‘We’re turning down lots of good work unless it ticks absolutely all the right boxes.’ All very well, but what are those ‘right boxes’ exactly? All the agent knew was: ‘We’ll know it when we see it.’

Why Do You Need to Hire an Editor?

If you are new to the world of writing, then you might very well be asking yourself this question. Perhaps you have labored intensively over your manuscript and you are sure that there are no spelling errors, grammatical errors and you know that all of the punctuation is correct. So why do you need an editor?

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