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Self-Publishing – From Author’s Last Option to Best Option? Five Advantages to Self-Publishing

The concept of self-publishing has carried a somewhat negative connotation. However, over the past few years, it’s become much more common for authors to self-publish their work and market their books themselves in a variety of creative ways. In fact, many authors prefer to control their book production and sales. Today’s authors self-publish because they make more money, faster, without working so hard.

Query – Opening the Lock on Magazine Publishing

Every time you pick up your favorite magazine you pour over it, looking through every article. By the time you are finished many of the pages are dog-eared and you’ve discovered that so many of the articles are in line with your own personal interests and writing style.

Self-Publishing – How Important is an ISBN Number?

You’ve weighed all your options and have determined that self-publishing makes the most sense for your foray into publishing. You understand that there is an increase in the need to self-market your title, but there is also a correlating increase in profit margin. Other risks have been assessed and you’re comfortable moving forward in the direction you’ve chosen.

A Few Magazine Publishing Terms

The business of writing for magazines is often speculative in nature. It can often seem fruitless to conduct research on available paying magazines, attempt to understand their style and unique requirements, write the article, send the article, and then wait for what can seem a never ending response.

Did You Know? Understanding The Publishing World

Sometimes putting things in perspective is useful when trying to gain a clear understanding of the many facets of the publishing world. This article is intended to provide some random statistics to help you understand the publishing world a little better.

You Might Be a Published Author If

The truth is, the definition of a published author might be more encompassing than you may have realized. Most aspiring writers tend to think of a published author as one who has had a manuscript accepted for publication in a book or magazine. However, because there are assignable rights to your work it is important to know that chances are very strong that you are already a published author.

Want to Publish a Book? 4 Things You Must Do First

Writing and publishing a book is no small task. Perhaps that’s why, though studies show between 81 and 90 percent of Americans say they plan to write a book someday, few actually do it. Nevertheless, if you approach it in the right way, you can save yourself time, money, and much frustration.

The Power of the Self-Published Author

So you want to become a successful published author but you’ve found out that no major publishing company wants your work? You’ve just been dumped onto the road of real publishing success!

Doctoral Dissertation Publishing – Capitalizing on Your Efforts

Publishing your doctoral dissertation can be very effective for the aspiring educator. When go through the blood, sweat, and tears of organizing your thoughts, research, and argument for your dissertation you are at your prime.

Utilizing Book Publishing to Expand Your Ministry

I talk with pastors, organization leaders, and speakers about how they can expand their ministry or organization by developing a line of books and they are simply amazed. When we think of growing or developing our organization many times we think of TV, radio, more programs, etc. but many people just don’t think of expanding or developing their organization by publishing a book.

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