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Self-Publishing Ebooks For Money to Survive the Recession

Even if you’ve never had experience with writing, you can still be a success as an eBook author. All you need to do is to figure out what topic you have some helpful knowledge about and create an eBook based on it. Each of us has experience and know-how in some area that we can share with others who desire to learn more about it. Your eBook may be the very answer to somebody else’s questions. Some eBook writers opt to go through third party publishers, in order to sell their work. While this can be a positive enterprise, there is always the risk that third party publishers could reject your work. Even if they accept it, they could end up watering down your message so much, that it hardly resembles your original concept. Another problem is that you will only get a percentage of any profits from your eBook sales.

Self Publishing Books Can Get You Past the Recession

Having an internet business can really shore up the income for anyone who wants just a little more money for their time. It isn’t surprising that people would be looking for more sources of income – the financial crisis looms far beyond the horizon, with no magical solution in sight. People getting fired or otherwise removed from work left and right. Working hard is no longer working as well as it should. This is the time to work smart.

Books and Historical Fiction – The Blurb

What makes a good blurb? The blurb is the short description you find on the back cover of books. These few lines are very important since they can make all the difference between someone buying your book or not. The blurb must not be a spoiler but you must conjure up the words that tells the casual browser what you work is about. You must convey the excitement that the reader will feel when they buy it.

How to Get Published – Step 3

How can you shock an editor into reading your work? In this article, I explore a new technique which may make the jaded crowd at a publishing house sit up and blink. The concept is to adopt a completely unexpected style. Here I translate part of a previous article – on how to get published – into the scientific writing style. You may find the concept useful, even if not the way it is put into practice.

Getting Published – Step 5

One of the most important issues to be decide before you submit your novel to a publisher is the title of the novel, or at least some suggestions of good titles. A title is in my experience one of the most difficult issues to settle. What makes a good title?

Getting Published – Step 4

In getting published step 4, I return to the theme of how to keep going, how to cope with the frustration of rejection by publishers and why you should press on regardless. I suggest a further approach to satire with which to heal the wounds of being turned down yet again and the cultivation a philosophical approach to the business of getting into print.

Publish-on-Demand Companies Dis-Serve Authors and Literary World

Books are meant to educate, not degrade the English language. The entire world is put at a disadvantage when poorly written books are offered as acceptable literature. Too many students are graduating high school with only a middle school reading/writing ability. Additionally, many students in American schools are learning English as a second language. We owe it to students to make sure the books we have available are mechanically correct. Learn what can be done to ensure well-written books are offered to the public.

How to Get Published – Step Two

There is lot of talk about the necessity for having an agent in order to get published. This article tells you of the author’s experience with trying to get an agent, how he tried and how he failed. The advice is, don’t insist on getting an agent. Just go on sending in your work in parallel to publishers and agents until a publisher actually reads it and accepts it – and maybe you get an agent too.

Book Covers That Shout “Buy Me”

It has to work online and off, in real life and in a catalog. Your book cover can’t just be “okay” in today’s competitive market, it needs to jump up, wave and shout, “hey, pick me up.”

Why Every Print Publication Should Also Be a Digital Publication

Think of a digital publication as a online version of your print publication with a web address or URL, complete resemblance to the print version and a realistic page flipping effect. Add features such as search, print, share, pdf download, and ad serving, viewer tracking & reporting and you have an impressive digital version of your print publication.

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