Christmas Coloring Book Niche – They Made $1,000s!

Publishing Short Stories – How to Get Them Into Print

If you have written and are looking at publishing short stories, what is the best way to get them into print? Here are some ways to boost your chances.

Self Publishing Resources – 3 Tips on How to Self Publish Your Own Book

My first foray into self-publishing was circa 1978. Big problem. In 1978 I was a kid. No one was really interested in publishing me and although my parents were supportive they did not really know how to help me. My first work was called “A Guide to Self-Image & Looking Good.” Interestingly, I recently re-read it and it was remarkably erudite for something kid written.

5 Super Selling Book Title Tips That Grab the Attention of Your Book Reader!

Top titles create excitement, anticipation and enthusiasm for more. You want your titles to express the heart and passion of your message, right? Here are 5 super selling book title tips to help create grab-your-attention titles.

The Basics of Publishing – Query Letters

Query letters. Those two, simple words send most authors into hiding, or drive them to heavy drinking. Query letters, a requirement for most publishers, tend to be a mysterious monster to be avoided at all costs except for those authors who are seasoned professionals.

How to Get Your Book Published

Congratulations! It has taken a lot of time, effort and concentration to bring your book to this point. Writing was the easy part! The next stage will take as much – if not more – concentration, discipline and “stickability”. There are thousands of manuscripts in cupboards around the world that did not reach the production stage and get successfully get published.

Publishing Your Book – How to Give Yourself the Best Chance of Getting Into Print

If you are a writer and serious about publishing your book, you can kill off your chances of getting into print all to easily. Here are some helpful tips.

Cheap Self Publishing – Confessions From a Profitable Cheapskate Author

In years past my thrifty nature made it difficult to self-publish works that I couldn’t quite pry-open my wallet to finance. (Besides too many moths escaped any time I opened the vault.) The problems were myriad. There were design expenses; editing expenses; fees for artwork and let’s not forget forking over major greenbacks to print a minimum of a 1000 books. And unfortunately for most authors this simply meant having a garage full of books.

The 7 Secrets of a Successful Self-Published Cookbook

Everyone is talking about it…the traditional publishing industry is going through a period of readjustment. This makes self-publishing a cookbook a very attractive project. With the right planning, an organized approach, and attention to marketing from the beginning, you can write a cookbook and have it completed and in your hands in a matter of months, not years.

Print on Demand – Easy Publishing For Authors

If you are a writer by heart, communicating your thoughts through your book is pure joy. But getting your book published remains to be a struggle for many authors.

Will Custom Content Save the Publishing Industry?

Mine. The favorite word of two year old children everywhere is now the name of a new magazine and concept from Time Inc and American Express Publishing. The concept is intriguing. Instead of paying for several magazine subscriptions, readers complete a detailed questionnaire about their likes, dislikes and interests.

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