Are the tools too difficult to learn

Blog Your Book – A Change in the Way Books Are Discovered

In no way am I comparing blogging books to the invention of the light bulb, or refrigerator or the automobile. There will always be our beloved books that we hold in our hands, right along with those we read on our electronic devices – BUT the way publishers and agents find them will expand to include many, many more modern ways, including electronic submissions and book blogging.

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Work Won’t Get Published

Mistakes writers make when trying to get their work published. The top 5 reasons why your work won’t get published.

What Do Publishers and Agents Want From You? An Author’s Tips on Getting Published

It’s about more than your story or idea, or your great writing. No matter what you think about your manuscript or proposal, remember it is up against one estimate of 14 million people who are writing a book, or as one USA Today estimate is said to proclaim, 80% or thereabouts of the adult population think they have a book in them.

Writing Mystery Murder Fiction – 8 Tips to Getting Your Mystery Book Published

If I can do it, you can do it. These eight tips will help you get your murder mystery novel published, today!

Things You Should Consider About Custom Book Printing

Are you thinking about publishing a book of your own? If yes, you have to first write the book. Well, one of the challenges that remain even after the writing of the book is complete is the publication. You have to visit the publishers, convince them, pay them the money look after the designs and every other nitty gritty and finally ensure that the book is coming out within the right date.

Don’t Sell Your Written Work For Pennies

It’s very important that you change your outlook if you want to break out of the cycle of selling your writing for pennies. Most people seem to have a very low value of their own self-worth. You can’t let that happen to you.

Five Reasons to Hire a Freelance Ghostwriter

Why hire someone else to write something in your name? Why not write it yourself? After all, let’s face facts here: Especially if you’re considering hiring a ghostwriter for a full-length book manuscript, this is not a small purchase and it should never be taken lightly. So here are five very good reasons to hire a freelance ghostwriter.

Self Publish – 5 Tips to Publishing Effectively and Making Money Fast With Your Book

Writing an eBook is creating an informative product to sell. These products make significant income for the Internet if followed properly.

Journalism Versus Public Relations

Can’t decide between a career in Journalism or a career in Public Relations? It can be a tough choice, but it’s an important one at that. This article will help you decide what is right for you as you move forward.

Book Editing in Today’s Lucrative World of Publishing

Proofreading consists of appraising any text, either hard copy on paper or electronic copy on a computer, and checking for typos and formatting errors. This may be done either against an original document or canopy, without checking against any other source.

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