Amazon KDP Niche Research – How To Find Low Content Niche Ideas

Digital is Not Print

Many newspapers and magazines over the past year have switched to digital-only editions. In some schools of thought, the only difference between a print edition and a digital edition of a magazine or newspaper is the delivery mechanism. But they are very different in many ways, and the same business model that is applied to print cannot simply be moved over to digital and expected to function the same way.

Web-Wise Writing – Style Tips For Three Types of Online Publication

Since on-line reading habits differ from print reading habits, web writing requires its own style. But the web is not a single homogeneous entity. Email, mailing lists, blogs, web pages… each has its own requirements.

Book Design – Widows and Orphans

When you are working on the interior design of your book, beware of widows and orphans. Here are a few dos and don’ts to help you deal with these common design nuisances.

5 Things Authors Can Do While Waiting For Their Publication Date

There comes a time in the process of book publishing where the author feels like there’s nothing to do but wait for the finished book to arrive. There are, however, plenty of things authors can do during this period to give their book promotion efforts a head start.

5 Ways to Get Yourself Published – A Guide For Business Professionals

Composing a published article involves discipline and creativity. Most writers, whether for leisure or for business, have the most trouble with beginning a creatively-written article. And while everybody has their own unique approach to tapping the creative part of their minds for writing articles, most are grounded on these five simple principles.

Make a 6 Figure Income Writing & Publishing Your Own Books! (Part One)

This is the 1st article in a series on how to Live Recession Proof Now by writing and publishing your own book. Article 1 focuses on 10 Benefits of Writing & Publishing your own Book!

Can Learning How to Publish a Novel Be Easy?

If you are new to writing, learning how to publish a novel may not be as hard as you think. Put all of your thoughts on paper, the best way to right a novel is from your saved written thoughts.

Cover Designs Made Easy

They always say that one should not judge a book by its cover. Although this trite of a saying rings true, it is not reason enough for book publishers to ignore the selling value of good cover designs. A book is a product that needs effective marketing strategies.

How is Publishing Changing in 2009?

The publishing industry is changing. Even that sentence is hard to define, because it might be better stated that the industry has already changed. And therefore, how much more can it change? And yet, a large part of the industry does not even acknowledge that anything has changed at all. These articles will try to take the pulse of this hurricane.

Interview With Dawn Jeffers, Publisher of Raven Tree Press

Raven Tree Press specializes in family oriented, high-quality, bilingual (English-Spanish) children’s picture books with universal themes that can appeal to many cultures. Their books have garnered rave reviews and won awards. Here to talk about the press is publisher Dawn Jeffers. Jeffers is also an accomplished children’s writer and author of the bilingual titles, Vegetable Dreams and Beautiful Moon.

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