ACX Audiobook Publishing – Literally Double Your ACX Income With This One Simple Change


What Are Literary Agents Looking for in a Manuscript?

The traditional publishing route is still very attractive to writers, but it can be difficult to secure a literary agent. This article tells you what you should do to give your book the best chance of success.

How “Mute This Ad” Can Benefit Publishers

The gaining popularity of Ad blockers has triggered a sudden alarm for publishers when they noticed that it has gained an immense acceleration in 2015 by 70% in just six years since it was launched. This has been acting as a major threat for publishers as these advertisements are the only sources of revenue for them because of which they are able provide us with the free content. There are several softwares available till date for blocking ads. These software confines all those unwanted ads popping around as soon as you open the desired web page.

Publishers, Redirect Your Spotlight!

As the usual content delivery system has undergone a sea change, it has encouraged several individuals and companies to publish content on a large scale. To survive and succeed in such a competitive environment is difficult, but not impossible.

3 Ways Your Digital Publication Can Help Increase Print Readers

Declining or flat revenues are expected at print publications over the next five years, but digital growth will help hold the line. Here are ways you can leverage digital editions to prop up your print readership.

Kindle Book Formatting and Publishing Tips

This article provides the reader with insights and tips on how to get their first Kindle book properly formatted and published into the Amazon/Kindle book selling site. It provides tips on creating a quality book cover, tips on building and formatting the manuscript to be uploaded, how to handle illustrations within the manuscript, and how to upload it to finally get it published.

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