5 Steps To Self Publishing On Your Own Using Amazon KDP – With Marty Cooney & Joshua Montoya

Publishing For Independent Authors: How Marketable Is Your Manuscript?

Find out if your manuscript is marketable. Read this short article answering the question, “What Makes a Manuscript Marketable?”

Knowing the Process of Publishing Your Book Yourself

Self-publishing is all about convenience for the writer, it’s fast, cost effective and pays far more than standard royalty contracts. Moreover, it puts the writer in the driver’s seat to manage the whole process for his/her own benefits.

5 Ways a Proofreader Will Improve Your Manuscript

Five ways in which hiring a proofreader will improve a manuscript. Two reasons why it may be a time saver and confidence booster too.

E-Books Versus Paperbacks: Which Sells Best for Authors?

Many authors wonder if e-books or printed books sell best. You might be wondering if you should opt for one or the other. Here’s guidance from some of the world’s most famous bestselling authors on what’s happening in publishing right now.

Create A Great Book Dedication In 4 Easy Steps

Finally, your book is approaching the finish line. And now you may be agonizing over the book’s final title, the cover design, the acknowledgement’s page, and the dedication. And everyone has an opinion about all of that – except for the dreaded dedication. But don’t worry. With a little bit of planning, the dedication can be one of the easiest things to create. So don’t let yourself get stressed over your next dedication. Follow this helpful guide to creating a great book dedication.

Why Your Book Deserves an Awesome Book Cover Design

Find out why your book deserves an awesome book cover design. Getting published is a huge first step, but getting published doesn’t guarantee that people will buy your book.

Instead of Throwing People Out of Work, What If Technology Could Help Everyone Prosper?

Today we see new technology as destroying middle class jobs. What if new technology gave everyone the world’s best abilities, and moved everyone up the pyramid by making us knowing and powerful?

Are We Too Successful to Stop Self-Caused Crises Like Climate Change?

Our growing crises come from who we are: Everyone wants it all, wants it now, and won’t stop. Are we racing toward success or self-destruction?

Best Guide on How to Get a Book Published

One of the top things on everyone’s bucket list, including yours, is how to get a book published. Here’s a starting question for you: do you have the first draft of your next bestseller finished? Do you at least have a manuscript?

How To Get Published As A Freelance Writer

Story ideas catch the attention of editors, not the writers. Freelancers that editors want to talk to are the ones who call or email with an abundance of new and interesting ideas.

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