5 Reasons You Should Be Self Publishing on Amazon KDP

Query Letters For Literary Agents – You Can’t Afford to Make Mistakes Here

Don’t write one of the many query letters that immediately go into file 13 everyday. Your query letter is a direct reflection of your writing abilities and sets the tone for how your new book will be perceived by a potential agent or publisher. You can’t afford to make common mistakes.

5 Surefire Tips to Help Prevent and/or Overcome Writer’s Block

Ah, writers block. The mere mention of it will oftentimes clear out a room of writers faster than if you’d told them said room housed the bubonic plague. While most of us don’t honestly believe that writers block is contagious or anything, some do still believe that the mere mention or thinking about it can help to bring it upon you when it would otherwise have stayed far, far, away.

Step-By-Step Outline for Writing and Publishing Your First Kindle Book – Part One

If you’re not very creative or don’t know how to do anything more advanced then copy-pasting some things inside of an image editor software, then you’re going to want to outsource to not only a freelance designer, but preferably a freelance designer with a specialty or propensity for creating eye-catching, intriguing or just plain amazing to behold-style Kindle book covers. Yes, it may cost a bit more than you’d originally wanted to spend, but trust me when I attempt to climb upon the nearest rooftops and shout out to you the importance of this particular step when it comes to the sales (and subsequent overall success) f your first Kindle book.

Engage The Readers By Avoiding Overdone Or Overused Cliches!

As it has been in the past, there are lots of writers nowadays who make use of cliches in their work. To most of them; cliches, regardless of how many times they are used, are good mostly due to the fact that people recognize these cliches.

Why Conflict Is Key When Self-Publishing

It’s essential for a novel you are self-publishing to have a strong plot if you want it to do well. Writers often finish their first draft only to realise their plot is somewhat meandering, and there isn’t really enough to draw readers in and make them care about the characters.

Did The News Media Sell Their Souls For $100s of Millions in Political Ads?

The publishing industry has certainly seen better days, especially the newspaper sector. It seems as if the newspaper industry did get a reprieve during the 2008 elections, as the amount of political ads and dollars coming into advertising help stave off the potentially eventuality of their demise. Many high-tech corporate leaders in the information age have said that eventually the newspapers will be dead, and although no one knows when that date might be, the online venues have certainly taken their toll.

Throw-Away Freebie Publications – A Decent Place To Start

A couple of months ago I was talking to a young gentleman who told me he’d had a tough time running his various businesses after the financial crash in 2008. He told me that he had run some magazines and a small publishing company which he created from scratch. He went out and sold the advertising, did the typesetting and some of the writing although he hired out most of the writing work. He also took some of the pictures, and also purchased digital images for his publications. I was quite impressed because the young man was all but 22 years old.

Professional Reporters Attempting To Keep Up With Citizen Journalists to Our News Quality Demise?

If you talk with professional reporters, writers, and authors who’ve been in the publishing or news sector for more than a couple of decades they will tell you that the online media sources have ruined the industry. You see, for years they put up barriers to entry, they were the gatekeepers so to speak. In fact, they will tell you that the industry has gone downhill and not only is it difficult to make money, but so many companies have either merged or filed bankruptcy. Many of these folks went down screaming and hollering, heck many who are left still are.

Are Our Online Published News Sources Forcing Our Minds Into the Borg Devoid of Individuality?

Is personalized news search good enough? NO! No, it’s not, and no offense to the computer programmers at the major search engines, but again they are algorithm writers, perhaps not news junkies. Of course, that’s only one problem with the current system. Another is that as these algorithms attempt to use mass numbers of queries and choices, this channels the user’s choices and information. It then becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy that the system is working to everyone’s satisfaction, it’s not.

Degradation of Information Quality Online – Mathematical Model for That, How About An App?

Let’s have a frank discussion on the future of online publishing and the challenges we face with information overload, and the degradation of the very information we need to survive in the digital age. These are serious issues which must be solved through a cross-pollination of strategies.

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