5 Hidden Features When Self Publishing on Amazon KDP

10 Must Haves Self-Publishers Need to Create a Manuscript Publishers Want

Every writer faces the challenge of how to take their idea and convert it into a manuscript that their confident a publisher will want. That often becomes quite a challenge especially when the doubts and questions about how to do it slitter into your mind.

Book Cover Design Made Easy

Self-publishing authors need to package their book in a professional manner, and one of the most important parts of that job is designing a cover. Because your book cover will help you sell your book in book stores and online, it needs to look great. You could spend hundreds of dollars for an effective cover, but there’s a more affordable way. This article tells you how.

Space Age Marketing For Stone Age Writers (Insight Into the Book Publishing Industry Part 1)

Writers are like sheep in many ways. Because we play soccer with four feet, many of us often have wool pulled over our eyes and we occupy “LEFT-BACK” positions. Take for instance marketing. I believe every writer and potential writer needs to know as much as possible about marketing. In my experience as a radio host, artists are usually very casual about the business aspects of their work.

Monsters Vs Hobbits – Your First Encounter In Your Self Publishing Adventure

Now, before going deep into the details of marketing your book saga however, I believe we should consider something which popped up into our radar screen a few while ago. That is the internet. Actually internet is the “great equalizer” for writers like you and me. It puts you into a situation of publishing giants of today. Let’s see how it all happened.

Building Your Raft For Your Online Publishing Journey

As you decide to read this, it means that you are interested to pave up your own way instead of following the traditional path for publishing your masterpiece. This is a good sign. This can be a miraculous decision which can differentiate you apart from the rest of the writers. This means that you’re serious about marketing your book by your own means.

Start Your Own Publishing Business

I feel that everyone could write a great book on at least one topic. Writing a book is a great way to build a lifetime residual income, the kind of income that provides financial freedom. And imagine if you could just publish your own information products.

More Choices of Publishing Now More Than Ever!

Books top the scales in sales on the internet worldwide. Since the internet has become main stream, the exact method of publishing to choose from. This is so there will be little waste and most profitable.

Self Publishing Good and Bad Points

Self publishing is a tricky thing. Some people love it and some people hate it. There’s definitely a lot of controversy around it. So, let’s look at some of the good and bad points.

Self-Publishing a Book Much Faster Today

In the 1970’s the world of self-publishing a book was in the days when mail-order was still in its boom. The norm was to place classified ads in the back of magazines and in super-market tabloids at check-out. As a true self-publisher I wore all hats of research, advertising, writing, shipping, distribution and everything else in between. The benefit of self-publishing a book today, it’s never been a better time with instant order fulfillment to you customers!

EBooks and Self Publishing Are Not a ‘Cheap’ Alternative

There are a lot of authors opting for either writing their books as e-books, or going down the path of self publishing thinking it’s an easy and cheap alternative to publishing ‘properly’ but this is not so.

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