$2000 for a single book?? | Part 2/2 Kindle Publishing #shorts

Self-Publishing – Should You Tell Literary Agents & Editors About Your Self-Published Book?

Should you tell literary agents and editors about your self-published book (novel) in the biography section of your cover or query letter? Find out when mentioning your self-published fiction or nonfiction in your query letter is going to make literary agents get excited about you, and when it just makes them think you are an amateur.

How to Publish Your Own Book – Part 5

In this, the last part (Part 5) of how to publish your own book you will get advice on – TV radio exposure – Who do you invite to your book launch? The actual book launch advice.

How to Publish Your Own Book – Part 4

In Part 4 of this series of articles on how to publish your own book you will get advice on – print your book & copy to CD, sending the material to the printer and press releases. Most of this is common sense but why reinvent the wheel. Learn from an expert.

How to Publish Your Own Book – Part 2

In this article which is part 2 of a five part series dealing with the subject of how to publish your own book you will learn about- Finding a Printer, Setting up a barcode and ideas about Setting the Date for Your Book Launch. These all very important areas that you must deal with early in play.

How to Publish Your Own Book – Part 3

In this section of how to publish your own book (part3) you will learn Preliminary Pages, Editing and Headers & Footers. These are all essential pieces of the jigsaw that is book publishing!

How to Publish Your Own Book – Part 1

Writing and publishing your own book is one of the most rewarding activities imaginable. Having written your book learning how to publish your own book is a walk in the park.

Using an Ask Campaign to Publish a Better Newsletter

There are multiple ways the online tool, Ask Database, can be used from a newsletter publisher standpoint. If you’re creating multiple newsletters or a new newsletter you may want to get an idea of what your potential readers might want.

Where to Get Quality Book Printing

You’ve worked very hard on your book, spent hours and hours of time, effort and research into it. You have devoted your time, energy and money into writing a spectacular book. Now you are ready to get your book published and begin promoting it. But where should you go? Your book was written with blood, sweat and tears and you don’t want to trust just anyone to produce your work. You need to find quality book printing that will give you the best possible finished product that is worthy of the book that you have written. When you are looking for quality book printing there are few things that you will want to look for. Don’t sacrifice value of quality. It is possible to get quality book printing at an affordable price. What you don’t want to do is go with a very cheap publisher that cuts corners and does not produce a quality product that you will be proud to call your own. Look for a publisher who will deliver a high quality product at a great value. You can have the best of both worlds, if you know where to get the best quality book printing.

Low Cost Self Publishing – Can You Be a Best Selling Author?

For low cost self publishing with high profits, know the possibilities. Many of you think you must get a New York publisher in order to be a successful author. But as a long time bookcoach, I can show you non vanity publishers who give great information to our world, get great word of mouth, and make even millions.

Are Traditional Publishers Following the Footsteps of the Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors?

Traditional publishers still tend to take the conservative, safe approach to finding topic matter. It’s as if they think readers do not want to buy anything risque, fresh and new, or controversial.

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