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Self Publishing – How To Choose A Book Printer

Printing can be one of the most expensive and time consuming processes for a self publisher. Learn what to look for so you get a good printing deal that saves you money and time. Find a quality printer that fits into your budget.

Break Into Print – 7 Habits Of Highly Published Authors

Despite the grindingly competitive nature of the publishing world, previously unknown authors break into print each year. Learn the habits those writers practice and you’ll take the first, important steps on the path toward publication.

Easy to Follow Steps to Write a Successful Synopsis For Your Unpublished Manuscript

Congratulations! The mere fact that you are reading this article suggests that you have finished writing the manuscript for your fiction, non-fiction, children’s book or short story. Or that you have almost finished writing it.

Full Of Hope And Fear – The Unknown Author Braves Publishing

We all have a story of sorts to tell. Some storytellers are better at it than others. Those are the ones we love to listen to or read their tales. Not all storytellers in print will be on the world’s best selling list — still, a good story is entertainment and then there’s self-publishing. The tale of the pain and joy of it.

Traditional Publishing Or Self Publishing – Making an Educated Choice

Making the decision to publish traditionally or self publishing? The decision calls into play many cards and players. What will work best for you and your work?

Three Writing Tips to Help You Get Published

So you’ve finally decided you want to be a good writer? Good for you. It’s not enough just to get your thoughts down on paper or in your computer. If you’re going to be successful as a writer, regardless of whether you’re hoping to write for the book trades, magazines, newspapers, or the Internet, you need to follow long-established rules when it comes to creating superior writing. Here are a few of those rules to get you started.

Finding An Agent And Getting Your Book Published

Many people want to write a book and have it published. This article explains how to do it.

Start Your Own 6-Figure Self-Publishing Empire

Many people want to write a book, or write several books or become a full-time author. And with this digital age of printing there’s never been a better time or an easier way to become a self-published author. And once you know what to do you can turn your books into your own 6-figure publishing empire.

Get Published Through a Book Printing Press and Print-on-Demand

It used to be that book printing press refers to the large scale transfer of data unto paper to mass produce books. The sheer cost of printing such a large volume is enough to put a hole in anyone’s bank account, and is therefore an option open only to commercial publishers. If you are a writer, it can often be daunting and deterring to go into publishing and book printing press.

Publishing for Kids

So you’ve always dreamed of writing a children’s book but have never been able to take it to a publisher? Well, you’re not alone. Trying to tug at a child’s heartstrings through a story is often difficult. And with the myth circling around that, only people with a natural flair for writing can be successful in publishing, often curbs and hides away genuine potential. What then can one do to publish concepts and ideas for kids?

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