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How to Get Published – Novel Writing?

What you think is the impressive part of any novel? Yes, the beginning of any novel! Those first lines are very important. They should be effectual and influence the reader so that reader continues to read.

It’s Easy to Get Lost in Publishing Terminology

Authors, Publishing and Terminology… Oh My! You confused in which way to publish today? And for that matter, what are the publishing options? Traditional publishing, self-publishing and independent publishing are tossed in the air with the flick of the tongue. Just what are they? Authors feel like they are going bonkers with the choices, that unfortunately, lead to plenty of disillusionment.

Editing – The Devil and the Drink – Editing Tips for Self-Published Authors

Whether you pay for an editor or you do it yourself you are going to have to develop some sharp skills and a thick skin. There is nothing more embarrassing than seeing mistakes in your published work. The following article offers some tips on finding spelling, grammar and typing mistakes. You can use these tips to make sure that your work is edited properly before it goes off to a paid editor or to the publishers.

Plagiarism – The Lazy Man Tool

Plagiarism is something that makes the ‘original’ thinkers frightened of while it becomes a boon for those who wish to conveniently use it under their names with a little or no modification. This article deals with why people take to plagiarism in the first place. Hope, you enjoy reading it. Comments and feedback are welcome

The Advantages of Self-Publishing

So what is self-publishing? This is the route taken by an author when they wish to publish a book without the involvement of a traditional publishing house. This allows the author to have full control of the full creative and selling process.

An Old Fogey’s Second Career

It all began with an article in The Washington Post six months ago, the trouble that is. It explained that digital publishing was the wave of the future, so I grabbed my surfboard and rode the wave, me a senior citizen. It was painfully hard learning the technology, but I succeeded with the help of a few younger friends. There are lessons I learned that are worth imparting to others of all ages. Writing what you love is just the beginning of today’s odyssey to get your works in print.

Will Your Book Get the Book Award Boot?

Fall kicks off the Book Award submission season. The question every author has ask is, “Did I do the best job in writing, in presenting, in connecting with my crowd-the people who need, want my words?” In other words, “Did I rush to publish?”

Staying on Track When You’re Writing – Some Tips for Writers Starting Out

If you’re a new writer wanting to be a self-published author you are going to need more than enthusiasm to make sure you finish your goal and complete that manuscript. In this article, you’ll read how a self-published author gets the most out of her day.

How Self-Publishing Works

Self-Publishing offers any budding authors the chance to become published without the need of having to go acquire a literary agent or a traditional publisher. Unlike the latter route, this allows authors to be in full control of the creative and marketing process.

Three Important Qualities Self Publishing Authors Need

Becoming a self-published author can be a difficult journey. Just having finished a manuscript is not enough you’ll need three important qualities to turn your book into a great success.

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